Face peel from black dots: easy way

Face peel from black dots: easy way

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Acne rash, pigmental spots, enlarged pores and face comedones paint nobody. Problem skin requires special attention and care. Everyday careful leaving, regular clarification will make skin healthy and shining.

The reasons of appearance of pimples and black dots can be different:

For a start it is necessary to remove the causes, and then to fight against the investigation.

Daily leaving includes clarification and toning. It is necessary to wash soft otstoyanny water without soap. And it is even better, to use gels and skins for washing. Then to wipe face with tonic, after it skin "breathes" and is completely ready to perception of creams and masks.

To remove black dots, it is necessary to do peeling of face regularly. It promotes removal of the keratosic particles of epidermis and excess skin fat.

At insignificant problems of dermis it is possible to manage perfectly superficial clarification in house conditions.

Simple and fast option of cleaning – activated carbon. Tablets of coal and sea salt to pound in powder, to mix with the same amount of juice of aloe. To part with water spoon, to add two drops of essential oil.

To steam out skin that time has extended. For this purpose to prepare broth from birch leaves, camomile, yarrow, St. John's wort. On one liter of water 2 tablespoons of dried grass. To apply structure to the prepared skin, in 10 minutes to wash away. You will do this procedure of times a week, skin will become velvet. Checked.

Of course, there are also other effective ways to make skin beautiful, for example, chemical peeling of face.

In house conditions it is possible to do easy superficial peeling by pharmaceutical means or natural fruit acids, for example, lemon juice.

In drugstores 5% calcium chloride are on sale, it is used for house face peel. Result after the first session impressing – pure leather, without pigmental spots, comedones and greasy luster. The main thing, is correct to make everything.

At the beginning to walk on the person soft srub, to wash away it and to dry wipe skin. To put on medical sterile gloves and to work further in them. To accurately open ampoule with calcium, to moisten with liquid sponge and to wipe skin. To allow to dry up and repeat action. For one session it is necessary to use all ampoule.

After the last layer dries up, to soap gauze tampon toilet soap, it is desirable for nurseries, and slightly to massage face. To repeat until skin begins to peel in flakes. It is the sodium acid which is contained in soap, reacts with chloride calcium, as gives effect of peeling.

After the procedure to wash warm water, to make the calming face pack, for example, grassy.

It is important to know it! The chemical peeling cannot be done often, there are side effects: reddening, puffiness is after all burn. It is contraindicated at dry skin, injuries and disease of epidermis. It is impossible to do it pregnant and nursing.

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