Face peel in salon: pluses and minuses

Face peel in salon: pluses and minuses

Face peel it is necessary to carry out one-two times a month. Beauty shops offer several ways of holding procedure depending on type of skin and the gained effect. Each of them has the pluses and minuses.

Face skin is exposed every day to negative impact of the environment. Exhaust gases, dust, decorative cosmetics and also surplus of skin fat pollute time and can lead to acne disease. The cosmetologist will help to purify skin.

For what face peel is necessary

Variety of cosmetics helps to look after skin in house conditions, cleaning it from make-up, skin fat and external pollution. However they are not capable to get into deeper layers and to clean time completely.

Using the special equipment and tools, the cosmetologist at first well steams out skin, opening even the narrowest time, and then exempts them from dirt. As a result the client receives smooth skin and fresh complexion. Also some types of cleaning can save skin from spots, hems, to raise its tone and to smooth wrinkles.

Ways of face peel

The method of face peel needs to be chosen, based on skin type. The she is thinner and more sensitive, the more softly and more gently it is necessary to treat her. The most popular and effective type of cleaning is mechanical face peel. Its advantage before other ways in deep cleansing of the clogged-up pores. However mechanical cleaning has many shortcomings: morbidity of the procedure, session duration (time for preparing and calming skin is required). After mechanical way of cleaning, skin often reddens, can be shelled. Face peel by means of ultrasound well saves skin from dead keratosic cages and raises its tone. Also it improves inflow of blood to cages, allocating them with oxygen. Minuses of ultrasonic cleaning: it is the sparing method therefore you will not manage to clean time completely. Pluses of vacuum cleaning in its ability to get rid of stagnant spots which often remain after pimples. It improves blood circulation and metabolism in skin. Shortcomings of this the same cleanings that at previous: it affects only the upper layer of the skin. The modern procedure of gas-liquid peeling is carried out by means of liquid pressure. It allows to improve skin relief, to get rid of hems and post-acne. Minuses of such way: unpleasant feelings and low power of pressure to clean pollution from depth of time. The chemical peeling in fact is deliberate burn of skin which is carried out under supervision of the expert. Peeling pluses: penetration into deep skin layers, disposal of pollution, effect of rejuvenation, improvement of complexion. Minuses: skin after the procedure becomes covered by crust. To avoid emergence of pigmental spots, 3-4 days should be spent at home.

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