Facial massage by liquid nitrogen

Facial massage by liquid nitrogen

Massage by liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy) represents treatment by artificial cold. It improves blood circulation process, actively influences regulation of metabolism, causing stressful condition of organism. It gives the chance to remain beautiful, young and healthy.

KrioterapiyaPrimenyaemyy in the field of cosmetology, cryotherapy is based on use of special liquid nitrogen. It represents transparent liquid, flavourless and colors. Liquid nitrogen makes considerable therapeutic impact on fabrics. Depending on influence method, it or causes her death in freezing cases, or improves its food, strengthening inflow of blood to the place of location. Injections, the wrappings, masks which are carried out after the procedure of cryotherapy make excellent impact on skin.

The course of procedures of cryotherapy is appointed by the treating cosmetologist. As a rule, the expert is based on the general condition of skin and physical indications. The minimum course – 3-5 procedures. After it it is possible to estimate visible result of impact of liquid nitrogen on face skin.

Action and application of cryotherapy

The procedure of cryotherapy is applied not one decade in cosmetology and surgery to removal of acne rash, hypertrophic hems, senile keratoz, papillomas, birthmarks and warts. In this case the expert tries to obtain death of fabrics due to its deep freezing. At more superficial impact on skin, liquid nitrogen, as a rule, apply no more than 15 seconds. For facial massage reel up cotton tampon on wooden stick. Then it is dipped into thermos with liquid nitrogen and accurately rolled on massage lines. Most actively massage by liquid nitrogen is performed in various programs of rejuvenation of body and face. New terms in local use of cold – cryoelectrophoresis and cryopeeling. These procedures in large beauty shops are carried out by qualified specialists. Effect of massage by liquid nitrogen is disposal of fat deposits, recovery of elasticity and form, prevention of flabbiness of skin, reduction of wrinkles. New trend in the field of cosmetology – the cryosauna. It is applied to hardening and treatment. The patient in the special device is enveloped by low-temperature gas. This procedure effectively helps to cope with cellulitis, stress and other diseases. Area of influence: organism in general, excepting neck and the head. Contraindications to application by protsedurprotivopokazaniye to application of procedures with use of liquid nitrogen serve: diabetes, tuberculosis, acute infectious diseases and pregnancy. Before cryotherapy the consultation of the expert is necessary.

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