Fatty tumors under eyes: reasons, fight methods

Fatty tumors under eyes: reasons, fight methods

Fatty tumors under eyes, certainly, are serious cosmetic defect which spoils esthetic type of the person and delivers array of problems. Therefore it is necessary to ask for the help the expert and to solve problem one of possible ways.

Reasons of emergence of fatty tumors

The reasons of emergence of fatty tumors under eyes completely are not studied yet. Some medics connect their emergence with availability of unusual cages which are available already since the birth.

The fatty tumor appears in connection with violation of exchange processes, the wrong diet (especially at systematic overeating), but it can appear also at harmonious constitution, as a rule, it arises at failure of hormones in organism, diabetes, diseases of thyroid gland, kidneys.

It is possible to carry to the reasons also insufficiently correct way of life, decrease in vital forces of organism. This disease can devolve also, from parents to children. Fatty tumors under eyes are formed both at women, and at men, irrespective of age. However most often suffer from this illness of the man. At first, when education only arises, its sizes about two millimeters, however then they can reach several centimeters.

Treatment of fatty tumors

In initiation of treatment the survey of fatty tumor is carried out to define further actions. By means of survey and palpation the size of fatty tumor and its progressing is estimated. Treatment is appointed only after diagnostics and identification of the reasons of emergence of new growth. If the disease of internals, improper feeding is the reason, then after treatment of lipoma quickly will pass and will not leave also mark. In modern cosmetology there is huge number of procedures for removal of fatty tumors, the best of which it is considered laser (it the safest and sparing, minimal risk of formation of hems and scars on face). In case the new growth quickly grows and has the big sizes, brings feelings of pain and also affects sight, the decision on its removal with use of local anesthesia is made in the surgical way. Categorically independent piercing, expression of fatty tumor as it can lead to entering of infection and formation of scar on face is not recommended. Methods of elimination of fatty tumors there is set. But for a start it is necessary to define true etiology and to eradicate it as if to treat only cosmetic component of skin, then fatty tumors will appear again and again. The main thing not to lower hand and not to self-medicate, and to go as soon as possible to reception to the expert.

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