Features of autumn hair care: oil wrappings

Features of autumn hair care: oil wrappings

Hair care by means of oils - the most ancient, incredibly effective procedure. Knowing features and subtleties of oil wrappings, it is possible to achieve the stunning effect in improvement of hair.

With arrival of fall many women begin to note deterioration in condition of hair: curls thin, tips of locks begin to split, more and more hair is found on pillow and hairbrushes in the mornings …

Emergence of problem is traditional explain with "seasonality" - diseases become aggravated in the fall, the lifestyle changes, central heating thanks to which the overdried air of rooms negatively affects beauty of hair begins to work.

Partly these statements are right. But only partly. The condition of hair and at those who have just returned well well rested of holiday whose organism is filled with the sun and vitamins who has opportunity to sleep well in the mornings and to include stationary humidifiers of dry air sometimes changes …

The problem root often is, oddly enough, on summer holiday. Rest when hair are affected by sunshine, sea and river water, beach sand, dust and wind. If during the flying not to pay due attention to protection of the curls and their careful moistening, then by fall we most often have problem hair – with split ends, dropping out, overdried.

Processes of weakening of hair bulb and change of structure of hair do not happen instantly – they have effect of accumulation, and three summer months are quite enough that by fall these problems have proved in all "beauty". And dry air of rooms, the bad weather forcing more often usual to apply laying and the fixing means for hairstyle will complete the work.

To despair and lower hands, referring to the fact that "the seasonality is guilty of everything", is not necessary. The best means of the help to hair in such situation – oil wrappings. These procedures were successfully applied still in the ancient time and widely used in modern beauty shops.

The procedure of oil wrappings has managed to acquire numerous myths therefore it is worth understanding for himself once and for all simple things: oil masks are equally useful to hair of any type. Any, even for oily hair! The main thing is to pick up correctly oil grade so that it was ideal for specific type of hair. And of course, oil wrappings cannot be abused not to "overfeed" hair and instead of improvement not to make them fat, sticky and untidy.

For dry hair oil can be saturated and even a little rather heavy: olive, pumpkin, castoric, there is not enough shi, peach, argan.

Strangely enough, olive oil, despite its "weight" is ideal for oily hair. Besides, hair well perceive "light" oils: linen, from grape seeds, pistachio.

For the hair inclined to loss, ideal will be castor and burdock oil. The overdried, burned, strongly injured hair will be saved by cocoa butter, argon or universal olive.

It is very important to remember essential feature of oil wrappings: after one-two procedures the mass dumping of unhealthy hair can begin. You should not be frightened it – nothing terrible occurs, on the contrary – everything goes as has to go, and on the place of the "dumped" hopeless hair young, healthy and strong hairs shortly will appear.

The second important prevention – when using oils consider features of the hair: natural blondes are not recommended to apply castor oil – from it hair become stronger, but darken. Colored blondes have to use pumpkin and burdock oils with care – they can give undesirable shades.

The third prevention – oil is applied only on dirty and dry hair. It is not necessary to do any preliminary uvlazhneniye: water and oil are not on friendly terms among themselves and wet hair will not be able just to absorb necessary amount of oils so necessary for them.

The fourth prevention – it is necessary to wash away oil very carefully, with use of soft shampoos, it is desirable, not containing sulfates. If there is no such shampoo near at hand, then it is possible to use kefir, egg, rye bread. But in similar case it is necessary to be ready to the fact that, most likely, properly to wash out the head it will not turn out.

And the last – do not abuse oil procedures not to "overfeed" hair and not to hammer time on head skin. For dry and normal hair of one procedure in week it is quite enough, oily hair and oily skin of the head are influenced oils once in two or even by three weeks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team