Features of summer leaving

Features of summer leaving

How often, forgetting about safety rules at stay in the sun, we complain about dryness and tightness of skin and also fragility of hair. And it is much more difficult to restore their original form, than it would be simple to prevent emergence of signs of peresushivaniye. There is a lot of various means helping to resist to it now.

Skin care

Emulsions and fluids the most popular cosmetics for summer make-up. Such cream contain the lungs moistening ingredients, do not contain oils, have protective SPF factors. For the city there will be sufficient SPF value in 8-15 units.

In hot weather the skin excretes large amount of fat, pores are quickly clogged up therefore, in order to avoid inflammations the timely clarification is required. At least once a week use srubs, masks for deep cleansing.

Do not forget about high-quality moistening. You hold nearby the spray with thermal water and use it at prime necessity.

Hair care

Before summer season surely cut off split ends. Otherwise they risk to be whipped even more. It is worth refusing coloring and wave in general, otherwise you apply for receiving "straw" on the head.

Shortly before exit from the house use means with UV filters for hair. The most practical are indelible sprays. Once a week apply the restoring mask. Before washing of the head it is recommended to apply olive or castor oil on tips of hair. Also you carry out these procedures in the evening that you had time for careful washing of hair and rinsing by their cool water. Surely refuse rinsing with use of vinegar or citric acid. After it your hair, really, will gain gloss, but will lose natural protection against ultraviolet.


It is better to reserve favourite spirits till fall. If to use them in hot weather, it is possible to draw upon itself allergy, headache, and sometimes and some insects.

If on the thermometer it is higher than 25 degrees, refuse use of antiperspirants. At plentiful sweating you risk to receive inflammation of glands in view of their obstruction. Give preference to roller deodorants and sprays.


Surely eat fresh fruit and vegetables, dl of that to saturate organism with all necessary vitamins. Under a ban alcohol and sparkling water: excess loading to the exhausted organism to anything. And here usual water it is recommended to drink not less than 2 liters a day.

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