Five cunnings for ideal hairstyle and make-up

Five cunnings for ideal hairstyle and make-up

life hacks, including on hairstyles and make-up enjoy wide popularity. Note interesting and plain advice which will help to look to you for all 100%.

Adhesive plaster

It is difficult to guess where besides the main function, it is possible to use it. Many girls, lovers of arrows in evening or daily make-up spend lot of time for repeating corner of the first arrow. Even the most skilled sometimes it does not manage to be made without deleting and repeated drawing eyeliner. Secret is simple – it is necessary to paste plaster along the line where there has to pass the arrow. Having convinced that plaster corners on both eyes correspond each other, it is possible to draw safely the line of the necessary thickness, then just to remove plaster and to modify this place by means of tone means and powder.

The plug from toilet paper

This life hack will allow to save means on acquisition of hair curlers of large diameter rather. Especially as hair curlers from natural material are much more expensive than usual. Such plugs are ideal for beautiful laying. Their diameter will allow to create large natural curls, and paper of which they are made will accelerate process of drying of hair. On assembling the necessary number of plugs several months will leave and clips will be necessary for fixing of curl on the plug before full drying, but the result has to please.


Recently, fashionable bloggers often use this tool in the rollers, it really became trend. The main objective of spoon is drawing shadows on mobile eyelid. The spoon is put to century and fixed, then shadows after one tone is caused are put, it is possible to remove spoon and to paint over the remained surface. Thus, the good contour turns out. Also in the way it is possible to put spoon to the lower line of eyebrow and to put shadows for eyebrows, the contour the same turns out very equal and accurate. Owners of long eyelashes need this device for coloring of eyelashes. Having put spoon by century it is possible not to be afraid of it to soil. Beauty-blogery use plastic spoons more often, they are really more simply fixed and the thicket can change them.


Instead of hairspray it is possible to use usual sweet tea. It will be convenient in use if near at hand there is spray. Natural components of it of "spray for fixing" not only will not damage to hair, but also will fill them with freshness and gloss.


Only it is possible to apply it not in absolutely habitual way. If near at hand there is no blush, then usual lipstick will help to give pink shade of lungs. It can be red or pink color, as a rule, if the shade looks good on lips, then and it surely will approach face skin. Better if the texture of lipstick is soft, steady or opaque it is more difficult in drawing. Such way can help out in situation when except lipstick in handbag nothing has appeared, and having tried once, in the subsequent times it is possible not to load output make-up bag with excess objects.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team