Folk remedies from hair loss

Folk remedies from hair loss

Hair loss - current problem both for women, and for men. The last, by the way, quite often suffer from early baldness. The appearance of head of hear is affected by both genetic predisposition, and adverse ecology, stresses, irrational food. Folk remedies from hair loss which our grandmothers successfully used will help to cope with this trouble.

There are several traditional national methods from hair loss: house shampoos and masks, grass broths for rinsing of hair.

House shampoos

House shampoo from natural components softly influences hair, besides possesses long complex action and also easily is prepared.

Mustard shampoo – one of the most available and effective remedies from hair loss – is prepared in minute: just part 3 tablespoons of mustard powder in glass of warm water. Rub mustard shampoo in hair, then wash away water.

Grass shampoo too proven means at hair loss. That to prepare it, it is necessary to mix equal parts of leaves of birch, dry flowers of calendula and cones of hop ordinary, to fill in mix with glass of the warmed-up light beer. The received mix has to infuse, and then it can use instead of shampoo.

House masks

House masks from natural components successfully recover brittle hair and are effective even at severe hair loss. Distribute the warmed-up oil (castoric, olive, burdock) on hair and head skin. Wrap up the head film, then towel and leave for hour. After that carefully wash the head with shampoo, it is desirable - with natural grass extracts. At weekly repetition of this simple procedure already in few months you will notice that your hair become more dense, grow quicker and drop out much less. Carefully stir egg yolk and tablespoon of vegetable oil and rub in head skin, in 30 minutes rinse hair with warm water. Such nutritious mask is applied once a week. Mix glass of cognac (50 g) and glass of water with yolks of two eggs, rub mix in the head, wash out hair in 20 minutes.

Broths for rinsing of hair

Grass broths which are also simple for preparing are often applied to treatment of severe hair loss. Rinse with vegetable broths the washed-up hair therefore they do not demand washing off, but before use broths need to be insisted and filtered. Decoction from the young nettle which is cut off before blossoming very well strengthens hair and interferes with their loss. Scald the cut nettle boiled water, boil 5-10 minutes, cool up to 40 OS, and this broth rinse hair after washing. It is possible to make broth of equal parts of nettle and coltsfoot, it is not less useful. Broth from hop cones effectively strengthens roots of hair at the first signs of loss. Fill in tablespoon of hop with glass of boiled water and you boil 30 minutes. After cooling rub in head skin. Broth of burdock strengthens inflow of blood to the weakened hair bulbs, strengthening them and activating growth of hair. For preparation of broth fill in with boiled water the crushed roots of fresh burdock (proportion 10:1) and boil within 20 minutes.

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