For those who dream of long eyelashes: means for growth of hair

For those who dream of long eyelashes: means for growth of hair

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Eyelashes – subject of pride and care of most of women. Even owners of eyelashes dense and long by nature sometimes think of accumulation of volume. You do not hurry to resort to artificial slips, there is set of the checked and effective ways for growth of eyelashes.

Hair – the right indicator of the state of health and the postponed diseases, stresses, hormonal frustration instantly affect their appearance. Eyelashes and hair have similar structure and similar care methods, but there are also distinctions. Because of proximity of mucous membrane of eye it is impossible to use aggressive structures for awakening hair follicle. Pepper and mustard masks perfectly are suitable for head skin and categorically do not suit for eyelashes.

The term of life of one eyelash about three months therefore you should not panic, having noticed the dropped-out hair. New eyelashes grow constantly and moderate loss, is quite natural process.

Group B vitamins are of great importance for health of hair. If your daily diet does not contain nuts, red meat, germinated cereals and rye bread, then it is necessary to accept vitamins B tablets. Beer yeast as nutritional supplement will provide hair with all necessary microelements and vitamins. It is also useful to accept every morning on an empty stomach tablespoon of linseed oil.

At the weakened eyelashes aloe juice will help. Cut off one fleshy shoot of plant, husk, crush pulp and squeeze out juice through gauze. Add to aloe juice 2 drops of oil solution of vitamins A and E and teaspoon of castor oil. Apply with Q-tip structure on the eyelashes cleaned from make-up. In 2 hours wipe eyelashes with cotton pad the moistened means for removal of make-up.

Oils of sea-buckthorn, dogrose, almonds, burdock, castor oil and cod-liver oil are stimulating growth of hair. Eyelashes will quicker grow if to use mix of oils. In small bottle mix 5 drops of each oil and add contents of 3 Ayevita capsules and cod-liver oil. You apply means on eyelashes every evening by means of brush or brush. It is possible not to wash away.

Castor and burdock oil causes hypostases of eyes at hit on mucous so if you use these oils as a part of mix – surely wash before going to bed.

Well mix of cosmetic vaseline, castor oil and rum strengthens eyelashes. Mix ingredients in equal proportions and apply on eyelashes by means of clean brush from ink. You store mix in the fridge. Grass compresses help to activate growth of eyelashes. Mix on one tablespoon of dry herbs of camomile, calendulas and centaurea, fill in with glass of boiled water and potomita on water bath of 10 minutes. Take 4 cosmetic disks, dip them into warm broth, put 2 disks on each eyelid and lie down for 15 minutes. Remove compress and apply nutritious oil mix on eyelashes.

To stop loss of eyelashes, apply compresses from broth of birch kidneys and sage.

Massage strengthens blood circulation around hair roots, providing the strengthened food follicle. Every evening, after putting cream on skin, the careful patting movements mass eyelids along ciliary edge. Move from the inner edge of century to temples. Always pay attention to cosmetics expiration date for eyes, do not use one ink more than half a year. As seldom as possible use waterproof make-up – the components which are its part strongly dry eyelashes.

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