For what reasons the acne rash develops

For what reasons the acne rash develops

Acne rash, as a rule, arises at teenage age at girls and young men. Their zones of distribution: face, breast, back. The increased release of skin fat leads to obstruction of channels horn traffic jams. Acne rash and pimples is as a result formed.

Causes of acne rash or etiology

1. Giperkeratoz – the increased skin keratinization. It is the most common cause of formation of acne rash. Violation of processes of keratinization are often connected with the shortage of vitamins A and B2. Also by the reason of appearance of acne rash it can be caused with glut in organism of B6 and B12 vitamin. You remember: everything is good moderately.

2. Problems with work of digestive tract can also leave the mark on face.3. Violation of balance of fats (lipids) also negatively affects appearance, forming inflammations, eels and pimples on skin. It can be connected with the wrong food allowance: food, with lack of vitamins, proteins and celluloses, with change of function of endocrine glands (bark of adrenal glands, parathyroid, hypophysis).

4. Hyperactivity of sebaceous glands. Often it is connected many sexual men's hormones.5. Application of hormonal contraceptives or their cancellation. Sometimes at girls before periods the rash of acne rash.6 is observed. Big level of glucose can also serve formation of acne rash on skin.7 in blood. The stress – is also common cause of emergence of inflammations, pimples and acne rash. Big experiences can provoke hormonal failure in human body. 8. Intake of some antiepileptic and antitubercular medicines also promote appearance of acne rash.9. You should not forget also about such factor as hereditary predisposition. Treatment to the acne sypena exists one correct and sure method of treatment of acne rash as there is no certain reason of their emergence. This process long. Achievement of goal will require at least 2-3 months if, of course, the case which is not started. There is opinion that sex life of the person is directly connected with skin rashes. It far not so. So you should not go on the relations for the sake of beautiful and healthy skin. There are more radical and reliable methods. Nutritionists, for example, recommend to reconsider the food allowance. Today people eat quite a lot animal fats (oil, fat) which are enriched with cholesterol. At the same time they practically do not contain vegetable components which are basis of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Violation of exchange of fats can provoke developing of pimples and change of composition of skin fat. The modern rhythm of life leads to the fact that house diet instant food succeeds. This food is based on digestible carbohydrates. Instantly the shortage of PP, A and B vitamins is reflected in skin. Beer yeast is excellent source of completion of these stocks. It is nutritional supplement, natural product, but not synthetic vitamins. Sources vitaminovvitamin And: milk, sour cream, egg yolk, beef liver, paprika, cod liver or grouper, tomatoes, carrots. Group B vitamin: kidneys, beef meat, milk, eggs, haricot, soy, bread of rough grinding, beer yeast. Also you should not forget about useful substances and microelements: zinc, selenium, sulfur, potassium. For this purpose regularly include in the diet fresh vegetables and fruit, sea cabbage, potatoes, meat, etc. Limit the use of the fried, fat and sweet dishes. Also try to exclude alcohol and cigarettes. Nicotine negatively affects health and color of your skin, promoting formation of various inflammations and rashes. Useful recommendations and sovetychtoba to establish the true cause of rashes address the expert. Perhaps, you need full hospital treatment with which you should not joke. Our skin is reflection of internal state of organism. The cosmetologist, considering your specific features, will prompt necessary procedures and will give valuable recommendations and advice. Masks for litsapra various problems with skin the most popular cosmetic are masks. They effectively clean epidermis, gently feeding and moistening body. Masks for problem skin can be prepared in house conditions.Smeshayte 2 tablespoons of oat flakes, 10-12 drops of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of curdled milk. Easy movements apply the received consistence to moist skin. In 10-12 minutes wash away residues of cosmetic warm flowing water. 1-2 times a week are recommended to apply the procedure.

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