From what age it is possible to use children's cosmetics

From what age it is possible to use children's cosmetics

children aim to seem adult any more nearly from elementary school, boys already look after girls, and girls perfectly cope with day make-up. The last causes lot of controversy among mothers — some consider that early use of cosmetics can lead to sad consequences, for example, to decrease in progress, others, on the contrary, do not see anything terrible in it. So from what age it is possible to use children's cosmetics? Let's try to understand.

Pediatricians recommend to begin use since 12, proving it by possibility of manifestation of various reactions on skin in the form of rashes and also allergy to aromatic substances which can cause laryngeal edema. The composition of children's decorative cosmetics significantly differs from adult for this reason its price is many times higher. If the child does not suffer from allergic reactions, it is possible quietly to begin to be painted, but if the girl is familiar with allergy not by hearsay, then her mother as the reasonable person, will put this action away for later.

Producers of children's cosmetics suggest to begin to use cosmetics since 5 because at this age active interest in mother's make-up bag, as a rule, is shown. And the adult cosmetics especially discovered some time ago can precisely do much harm to the child. It is the best of all to begin "to mature" from lip gloss, and a bit later to allow to use nail varnish, till 8-9 flyings to the young beauty of it will be quite enough. From more advanced age it is possible to try lipstick. As for foundation and powder, it definitely not for children's skin — is not reasonable to hammer time from early age extremely, otherwise in 20 years the girl will have big problems with skin. And mascara can be tried somewhere since 17 though many young girls do it much earlier.

You should not forget that since 9-10 at the child active work of sweat glands therefore both girls, and boys, it is necessary to acquaint with deodorants, and task of parents to do not pass this moment in order to avoid emergence of complexes is observed.

From what age to begin to use children's cosmetics, certainly, each mother will solve itself, it is important not to save at the same time on it and to teach the girl to use quality products. If your daughter has shown interest in cosmetics at early age, you should not abuse it and to insist that to it still early to think of it — she all the same will not dismiss this idea and will continue to be interested at the girlfriends and what contemporaries, such inexperienced, as well as your daughter can teach to? Therefore let better mother will undertake training in beauty subtleties.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team