From what does Nayz (tablets) help?

From what does Nayz (tablets) help?

(tablets) has become widespread in domestic pharmaceutics. This medicine is created on the basis of active ingredient – nimesulid. Besides, calcium phosphate, aspartame, cellulose microcrystalline, corn starch, sodium carboxymethylstarch, colloid silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, pineapple fragrance, talc are its part. In retail trade in Nayz pharmacy chain it is provided in cardboard packings on twenty tablets (10 tablets in the blister).

The nonsteroid anti-inflammatory medicine (NPVS) "Nayz" in tablets is focused by the pharmacological action on the selection inhibition of tsiklooksigenaz of the second type (TsOG-2). This enzyme takes part in synthesis of prostaglandins which act as mediators of inflammation, pain and hypostases. Thus, this medical medicine possesses anti-inflammatory, analgeziruyushchy and febrifugal action. Besides, it reversibly inhibits formation of E2 prostaglandin in the center of inflammation, the ascending ways of nociceptive system and in zone of passing of painful impulses of spinal cord.

Also medicine in the tablets "Nayz" considerably reduces contents in organism of short-lived H2 prostaglandin which by means of prostaglandin-isomerase has direct impact on formation of E2 prostaglandin. Namely the last due to reduction of the concentration which is directly influencing decrease of the activity of prostanoid ER receptors carries out effective analgeziruyushchy and anti-inflammatory function.

It is important to note that in Nayz medicine the quantity of by-effects is rather reduced. It has become possible because chemical composition of these tablets only in the minimum degree influences TsOG-1. And it in turn is expressed in its absolute loyalty to development from arachidonic acid of E2 prostaglandin.

Properties and kinetics

The overwhelming ability of aggregation of platelets is carried out by Nayz medicine at the expense of inhibition of formation of endoperoxides and A2 thromboxane. Also this medicine significantly oppresses release of histamine and reduces action of the bronchospasm caused by influence of histamine and acetic aldehydes. By clinical trials it has been proved that the synthesis of interleukin-6 and urokinaza having negative effect on condition of cartilaginous tissues effectively is suppressed nimesulidy, leveling its destroying influence.

At the same time, it prevents destruction of proteoglycans and collagen, inhibiting synthesis of metalproteases. In the instruction of Nayz medication it is said that its medicinal properties extend as well to reduction in the rate of formation of toxic products of disintegration of O2 at the expense of the expressed antioxidant properties connected with decrease in chemical activity of myeloperoxidase. Anti-inflammatory effect of medicine amplifies due to its interaction with glucocorticoid receptors which it activates.

Oral use of Nayz medicine means its absorption in intestines. Therefore it is necessary to consider that simultaneous meal can slow down process of intake of substances in blood. However it does not influence extent of their absorption at all. And the maximum efficiency of medicine comes after two and a half hours after its intake when the highest concentration of nimesulid in blood is reached. At this time its extent of impact on proteins increases to 95%. Medicine gets, including, and in sexual women's bodies where it is found in synovial liquid and acidic environment of the center of inflammation. Removal of nimesulid from human body is carried out due to metabolism of liver together with bile and through kidneys. And the period of its semi-removal is five hours.

Indications and contraindications

The wide range of application of the tablets "Nayz" is based on its great therapeutic qualities. It is shown at the following types of diseases:

- rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica and sciatica;

- osteoarthrosis, lumbago, articulate syndrome (rheumatic disease), exacerbation of gout;

- osteochondrosis with radicular syndrome, arthritis of any kind of origin;

- ankylosing spondiloartrit, arthralgia, psoriasis arthritis;

- inflammations of sinews, ligaments, bursita, myalgia of not rheumatic and rheumatic genesis;

- inflammations of soft fabrics and musculoskeletal system;

- pain syndrome of any origin, including the postoperative period, injuries, algodismenoreyu, head and toothache;

- as the medicine reducing temperature at fevers of any origin, including infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Medicine in the tablets "Nayz" is forbidden to be applied in the following cases:

- at pregnancy and breastfeeding;

- when diagnosing "aspirinovy triad";

- at aggravation of erosive and ulcer damages of digestive tract and also at bleedings in it;

- at dysfunctionality of liver and the expressed renal failure;

- at hyper sensitive syndrome;

- at children's age up to 2 years.

Besides, at heart failure, arterial hypertension and diabetes of the second like Nayz it is necessary to accept with special care.

How to accept also by-effects

The pill "Nayz" should be taken exclusively orally. And adults are recommended to carry out their intake twice a day on 100 milligrams. And the maximum daily dose makes 400 milligrams. There are also dispersed tablets. However their reception means preliminary dissolution in water. In this case it is recommended to dissolve one tablet in one dessertspoon of five milliliters. This medicine should be drunk at the end of meal or after its end. Besides, it is necessary to know that for children under two years the special form of this medicine – suspension is provided.

At intake of the medicine "Nayz" in tablets the emergence of the following by-effects is in certain cases possible:

- toxic hepatitis;

- heartburn;

- nausea;

- vomiting;

- thrombocytopenia;

- gastric pain;

- erosive and ulcer defeats of bodies of digestive tract;

- agranulotsitoz;

- leykopeniya;

- diarrhea;

- anemia;

- dizziness;

- headaches;

- anaphylactic shock;

- skin rash;

- gematuriya;

- liquid delay in organism;

- increase in activity of transaminases of liver;

- bronchospasm;

- lengthening of time of bleeding.

Overdose and interaction with other drugs

It is important to understand that the dosage of the medicine "Nayz" is defined by exclusively attending physician. And cases with overdose are fraught with the serious consequences connected with pathologies. At the use in large amount of this medicine there can be following symptoms:

- increase in blood pressure;

- convulsive spasms;

- dysfunctionality of kidneys;

- irritation of mucous membrane of GIT;

- faltering breath;

- liver failure.

For the purpose of correction of condition of the patient to it, as a rule, appoint washing of stomach, intake of activated carbon and symptomatic therapy.

Undesirable medicinal interaction can arise at the medicine "Nayz" with other NPVS, cyclosporine, metrotreksaty, hypoglycemic means, anticoagulants, means on the basis of lithium, diuretics, antihypertensive medicines, "Digoxin", Fenitoin. It happens because of competition of the specified medicines for function of linking with proteins.

In order to avoid negative consequences of the tablet "Nayz" it is possible to replace depending on symptomatic therapy with such medicines as Aponil, Arkoksiya, Nimulid, Mesulid, Nimika, Nimesil, Nimesulid, Movalis, Meloksikam, Denebol.

Having analyzed large number of thematic responses of the people who have experienced effect of the medicine "Nayz" in tablets it is possible to note that this medicine effectively saves from pain and inflammatory processes. However side effects in the form of weakness, dizziness and digestive frustration also meet quite often. In this case medical experts recommend to pick up optimum analog.

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