From what strong irritation on lips

From what strong irritation on lips

The irritation on lips can appear for various reasons. To get rid of it, it is necessary to remove the cause at first. Skin of the person has protective functions, but at influence of aggressive substances these functions decrease, here and there are inflamed sites of skin.

The reasons of emergence of irritations on lips

The irritation on lips can appear in different places. If you have noticed cracks or small scabs in mouth corners, pay attention to condition of the organism in general. Such skin formations are called arrivals. Often the streptococcal infection is the reason of their emergence. It can develop on the dry, injured skin and also because of non-compliance with rules of personal hygiene, caries of teeth. Also arrival can be the cause of emergence anemia, hypovitaminosis, improper feeding, lack of vitamins, the wrong bite and even diabetes.

Herpes can be one more cause of emergence of irritation on lips. Sores can be formed in any place, beginning from corner of mouth and finishing with the center of lips. As a rule, at this disease at first the itch, small watery heat-spots develops. They burst, the crust is formed. This disease can be transmitted even through ware.

Therefore the person who has got sick with herpes surely has to have the ware, towel.

Some types of dermatitis are followed by strong irritation of lips, for example, perioral. At this disease the patient has small knots and gnoynichka around mouth. Emergence of rashes is followed by itch and peeling of skin. This disease can be caused as external factors (influence of ecology), and internal (endocrine violations).

To reveal dermatitis, it is necessary to make clinical blood test.

How to get rid of irritation on lips

To recover skin of lips, it is necessary to remove the cause. It is possible to make it by means of the expert. Only the doctor will be able to pick up the most effective treatment. For removal arrival, besides medicamentous therapy, the person will need to modify diet, that is to diversify it with the products rich with Riboflavinum. It is also necessary to process the damaged leather fukortsiny and boric alcohol. For treatment of herpes by the dermatologist the antiviral therapy will be appointed. And to get rid of perioral dermatitis, the patient will have to apply antihistaminic medicines, hormonal ointments. Detoksikatsionny therapy can be in certain cases appointed. The person having dermatitis has to keep to diet, that is exclude from the diet citrus, chocolate, hot dishes, spices, fish dishes, mushrooms, smoked products, berry and whole milk.

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