Good luck on nail tip or As the choice of design of manicure changes life

Good luck on nail tip or As the choice of design of manicure changes life

It is only at first sight design of nails – way to decorate ladies' fingers. Manicure has strong magic properties. The most important power points are located on finger-tips.

In medicine of the East there is special section increasing health of the patient impact on these points. Therefore, choosing nail design, we unconsciously can make quality of own life better, or to worsen it.

It is difficult to believe, but even the impossibility to adjust personal relations with opposite sex can be closely connected with own manicure. Naturally, for the whimsical and dissatisfied lady it will become repellent factor, but for girls pleasant in every respect it will probably be last straw. 


The design with the rounded-off nail will suit true judges of the family center. Such form is capable to attract love and happiness in life. And whether, regardless, you are connected by the relations at present or you are in search. 

Careerists should stop the choice of manicure on rectangular shapes. Expressiveness of corner on nail in direct ratio to advance ambitions on twisting career ladder.

For young ladies whose life at the specific moment is subordinated to execution of the accurate purpose, it is worth choosing triangular shapes in manicure. In terms of psychology, such design subconsciously will begin to represent the arrows which are hitting the mark and granting the most intimate desires. 

Not only the shape of nail is capable to influence our course of life. Depending on desires which life is full at present, as it is worth choosing also color scheme of manicure. For attraction of material welfare and stability and also at education, it is necessary to give preference to the muffled cherry color, or nyudovy shades. Such color scheme of identically working elegance and severity. Only it is not recommended to apply in design of marigold several flowers at once. 

All shades which are associated with passion can be used safely if you look for love and close relations. To the power engineering specialist of these, already self-sufficient flowers, will strengthen and will advantageously shade rhinestones and thematic drawings.

For looking for creative inspiration and opportunity to be implemented all non-standard shades will approach. Any combination of color which goes beyond concept of "normality" will be to liking to madam Udach. 

And what to do if in life several important issues are not resolved, and along with search work, there is desire to find love? The main rule is not to use raznotsvt! Magic manicure has to combine color and form. So, for search of personal happiness and lucrative post it is worth giving preference to square design of defiantly scarlet color. The roundish nail covered with beige shade will also help favorable outcome with personal and working records.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team