Habit to gnaw nails: how to cease

Habit to gnaw nails: how to cease

Nails are gnawed not only by children, but also adults. This unpleasant habit carrying the name onikhofagiya brings a lot of chagrin, and it is not too simple to be disaccustomed to it. How to cease to gnaw nails once and for all and not to hesitate more than the hands?

It is required to you

  • - special nail varnish;
  • - cuticle scissors and file;
  • - soothing collecting.


1. Buy special varnish which has unpleasant taste in drugstore. Apply it on nails. It is possible to grease nail plates with usual soap.

2. Try to control yourself. Stop attempt to bring fingers to mouth. Distract – eat apple, sunflower seeds or croutons. You play with pencil.

3. Connect to fight of the family and friends. Ask them to straighten out you when you gnaw nails. Conclude bet – if by Saturday the nails are in bad look, you conduct all in restaurant. If this method is unacceptable for you, think up the personal system of penalties: for each spoiled nail be wrung out 10 times or squat.

4. Visit expensive salon and make manicure. To spoil beautiful nails moreover and expensive, it will be a pity. Though, and it does not stop some. It is possible to make building. Acrylic marigold sgryzt it is impossible.

5. Put in bag scissors for manicure and file. If you have broken nail, at once put it in order, without giving in to desire obgryzt it.

6. Avoid stresses. Accept lungs soothing on the basis of herbs. You praise yourself for progress and do not lose courage. Be engaged in auto-training. Brag of the grown nails. If nothing helps, visit the psychologist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team