Hair care in the winter and in the spring — 7 most important councils

Hair care in the winter and in the spring — 7 most important councils

To hair the attention and care are all the year round required. But especially they need it in the spring and in the winter. The combination of low temperatures, dry air of rooms and lack of useful substances very negatively affect health of curls.


  1. Surely accept vitamin complexes. It can be as the all-strengthening polyvitamins, and special vitamins for hair, nails, skin. Besides, it is necessary to include the products containing beauty vitamins in the diet. For example, it is polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins, zinc, calcium, etc.
  2. In cold season the vessels are narrowed because of what head skin receives less all substances necessary for it delivered with blood and lymph. First of all, hair suffer from it. Roots become weak that often leads to delay of growth and loss of hair, and hair become fine, fragile and tarnish. To warn or get rid of hair loss, experts recommend to carry out massage of head skin regularly. Also massage of cervical department of backbone will be Besides, not superfluous. Are very effective for improvement of process of blood circulation and activization of growth of hair darsonval with special nozzle and laser hairbrush.
  3. Surely moisturize head skin and hair. For maintaining balance in organism drink large number of mineral or usual water. Perfectly the humidifier affects condition of hair and skin. In winter time try to use means for intensive moistening – balms, masks, conditioners. They will help to make hair more smooth, elastic, shining, the irritation and itch of head skin disappears.
  4. Winter care for all types of hair considerably differs from usual. The reason is that during cold weather the condition of hair and head skin can change therefore use of habitual means can worsen their state. Most often in the winter hair become dry or to remain fat with roots, but dehydrated, dry and fragile on tips. For this reason shampoo has to have soft effect, its level rn has to be neutral and also contain natural vegetable components, without silicones, dyes and parabens. Best of all if it is intended for the injured, dry and brittle hair. Stylists advise to use the moistening or restoring conditioner or balm after washing of the head to prevent peresushivaniye of locks.
  5. It is desirable to do several times a week the nutritious and restoring masks which part B1, B5, B6, F vitamins, phospholipids, glycolipids, essential oils, amino acids and proteins are. You apply mask on clean moist hair at least on quarter of hour, having warmed the head polyethylene and towel.
  6. Feed curls with serums which do not need washing off. They, thanks to the structure, are capable to render instant effect, restoring, protecting, moistening hair, help them to keep moisture and improve appearance of locks. That hair did not look oily and dirty, it is not necessary to apply on them too large number of means – enough couple of drops.
  7. Prevent appearance of dandruff and increase immunity. During the winter period the dandruff develops quite often since temperature differences and close headdresses provoke various dermatological problems. It is possible to get rid of dry dandruff, choosing the sparing shampoo created especially for the dry and injured hair. Perfectly natural oils, for example, tea tree oil, olive, castoric, burdock, almond, coconut and jojoba oil nourish head skin. Appearance of fat dandruff demands consultation of the expert and special medical dermatological shampoo which is on sale in drugstores.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team