Hair care: mask with dimeksidy

Hair care: mask with dimeksidy

For stop of loss and improvement of appearance of hair in house conditions it is possible to use masks with dimeksidy. Folk remedy does not concede by efficiency to saloon masks at all, and the main component for curative mix can be found in any drugstore.

Dimeksid is medicine which possesses antimicrobic, anti-inflammatory action. Also this viscous liquid is used as local anesthetic. The dimethyl sulfoxide has found application and in cosmetology, it is actively applied to treatment and hair care.

Masks with dimeksidy strengthen growth of hair and in general have the strengthening effect. The national recipe of such care products is simple, however for achievement of optimum result it is necessary to adhere to the instruction accurately. All because non-compliance with compounding can do harm to head skin and hair.

It is necessary to apply mask with dimeksidy only to clean head skin therefore before the procedure it is necessary to wash up the head. If to distribute structure on dirty hair, all dust and bacteria which have settled on curls will get into cells of epidermis.

The dimethyl sulfoxide or dimeksid (both names of medicine meet) needs to be dissolved on water bath. It is necessary to mix the turned-out liquid for mask with the distilled water in proportion 1:4 – not less. Depending on sensitivity of skin, it is possible to dilute dimeksid in bigger ratio – till 1:10. In pure form means cannot be applied to head skin: there is danger of developing of burn.

That the mask for hair care has brought the best effect, it is necessary to add caring oils to it – castoric, olive, burdock, jojoba or almond at choice. It is also possible to add to structure oil solutions of vitamin A and E, on 5 drops. If oily hair, masks it is necessary to enrich with lemon juice. It is possible to mix dissolved dimeksid and with honey, onions juice, depending on the expected action. It is necessary to apply mask to head skin only in protective gloves. Mix needs to be used at once after preparation because structure of dimeksid unstable, at contact with air the value of mask will disappear. It is the best of all to carry out the test for allergic reaction before the procedure. Surely well mix all components and shake up mix because dimeksid in mask will settle on bottom. Masks with dimeksidy are applied only to head skin, it is not necessary to touch hair. By all means it is necessary to use thermal compress that means has worked. After drawing mask it is necessary to cover the head with plastic bag or impenetrable hat, and then to wrap up with towel. The efficiency of masks for hair with inclusion of dimeksid is that medicine enhances membrane permeability. And it means that nutrients will be acquired by head skin quicker. Medicine in itself does not influence growth and improvement of hair in any way.

The head after mask with dimeksidy should be washed up with shampoo, because of the content of oils mix can partially remain on hair.

It is necessary to maintain masks with dimeksidy within hour. If you feel burning, it is necessary to wash away mix at once. Once a week for prevention of hair loss is recommended to repeat masks, and at the expressed loss, restoration after coloring of hair – two times. One course of treatment has to consist of 10 masks, it is possible to repeat curative masks in month. Pregnancy and feeding by breast, allergic reaction to mask components will become contraindications to the procedure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team