Hair dressing by length to shoulder

Hair dressing by length to shoulder

Is not more difficult to style hair of average length contrary to the occurring opinion long or short hair at all. Such laying can be made by means of various hairdresser's devices.

Than and how to stack volosydlya hair dressings by length to shoulder nippers which allow to create curls of any size perfectly approach (depending on diameter of the used nippers). Also beautiful curls can be received for the account of hair curlers velcros or thermohair curlers. It is desirable to carry out laying of the classical extended caret by means of the hair dryer equipped with round nozzle whereas it is possible to make direct laying easily and quickly by means of the hairdresser's iron.

It is necessary to fix the styled hair by special means for fixing and thermolaying. As for types of laying, for hair of average length hairstyles of caret and cascade which the easiest keep within are the most popular. To lay the extended caret from the ends which are slightly twirled inside, use brushing or the hair dryer with round nozzle.

Remember that large curls, unlike small, are inclined to be straightened quickly therefore they need to be fixed mousses or varnishes.

Similarly also the cascade keeps within – however at the same time it is necessary to remember that such laying will look best of all on rare or fine hair. Laying of the hairstyle graduated on all length can be executed in the form of sphere, and the caret wave with direct cut will allow to receive the maximum volume. Use for this purpose hair curlers with small diameter, sheyper, koklyushka or zavivochny nippers – besides, itself can facilitate life, having just made chemical wave. That laying looked ideally, smooth the fluffy or electrified hair by means of wax and decorate hair with some corresponding accessory. Popular ukladkinaiboly relevant laying for hair of average length are original daily hairstyles. So, for fresh and effective look braid braid cone from forehead to the top, having left the others hair down let. In braid thrust beautiful hairpins or flower - it will give you brightness and uniqueness. Not less effectively laying on one party looks – braid the same cone on one side, collect on one side bunch or style so hair, having tightened up them the curling iron on the one hand. Also you can make youth laying, having fixed on the top horse tail from the ends which are fluffed up and recorded by varnish.

For evening laying use hair curlers of average diameter as after them it is not necessary to raise roots of hair and to comb hair.

To create natural daily laying, comb fresh-washed hair of average length at first on one side, dry their phenom, then throw on another and again dry. After that incline the head down and dry roots of hair – after return of the head to starting position at you the volume and natural laying which is not demanding special efforts will turn out. To make romantic laying for appointment, wind moist hair on hair curlers of large diameter, bend tips of hair inside and raise roots by means of varnish – after removal of hair curlers you will look so as if only left beauty shop.

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