Hair dressing in house conditions

Hair dressing in house conditions

It is beautiful to style hair it is possible not only in salon, but also at home. That the hairstyle was successful, use modern staylingovy means and beautiful accessories. Hair of any length need laying, and on the basis of one hairstyle it is possible to do several original hair.

Modern laying at all optional has to be faultless. The helmets which are filled in with varnish from hair and equal spiral curls have consigned to the past. Today simple, slightly negligent hairstyles which look easy are especially relevant and it is fresh. Important not only to choose suitable style, but also to record laying so that it without problems has held on all day and did not demand constant correction.

The choice of staylingovy means depends on type of your hair and the nature of laying. Than it is more difficult, especially strong means will be necessary. Several options of varnishes, laying sprays, gels and mousses are desirable to have houses. They can be combined, trying to obtain new interesting effects.

Before starting laying, wash up hair. If they very thin, fluffy and disobedient, process locks dry shampoo and carefully comb. Hair will become more dense and obedient, at the same time laying will look fresh and beautiful.

Also spray with sea water will help to structure locks. Sea water not only does hair by more obedient, but also looks after them, protecting it adverse effect of the sun.

Try to make the magnificent laying which is ideal for hair, long and average on length. Apply mousse for volume on clean locks, having distributed it from roots to tips. Incline the head down, throw hair on the person and dry up their phenom, raising brush at roots. Then cast away locks back and dry them about forehead and temples. In front separate wide lock and fasten it with clip. Comb the remained mass of hair at roots, collect in free plait and twist in node shell on nape. Fix node by hairpins, having thrust them from top to down. Comb the left hair, previously having produced couple of thin negligent locks framing face. Collect hair in the volume cook. Connect the ends to shell and fix by flat hairpin. Straighten hair hands that the cook has turned out equal, and pile - imperceptible. Record hairstyle varnish of moderate fixing. Very elegantly the smooth ballet bunch looks. Such hairstyle will be suitable also for party, but especially it is appropriate in business situation. Sprinkle clean hair the fixing spray and collect in smooth tail on nape, having arranged it slightly higher than the level of ears. Apply on palms a little gel with effect of wet hair and carry out by him on the head, having recorded and having smoothed locks. Twist tail dense plait and wrap it around the basis, having created dense node. Fix it by couple of thin wooden or metal needles which are pinned up crosswise. Sprinkle hairstyle varnish gloss. Effectively also high laying in retrostyle looks. Moisten long hair with spray for laying and by means of thin elastic band tie in high tail. He has to settle down directly on the top, is strict on the center of the head. If your hair very thin or insufficiently long, fix special overlay for bunch which will provide to hairstyle volume around the tail basis. It is possible to buy it in specialized shops for hairdressers.

It is possible to replace slip with the cotton scarf in hair color curtailed into not hard plait.

Twist the ends of tail by means of round brush and the hair dryer. Process hair varnish and comb them. Fill the ends of hair under the tail basis, having created magnificent roundish bunch and having pinned up locks hairpins. Fix hairstyle by varnish of strong fixing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team