Hairstyle for long hair for every day

Hairstyle for long hair for every day

The hairstyle is important component of female image. For long hair there is large number of elegant laying. Now highly taken away hair, horse tails, the French braids and curls are fashionable.

Daily laying for long hair has to be expedited and demand minimum of the fixing means. During creation of hairstyles you remember that all ingenious is simple.

The usual smooth bunch is carried out in 5 minutes. Collect hair in horse tail and record it elastic band. After that twirl tail in plait and wind it around. Take tip of hair hairpin that the turned-out cone has not broken up. It is possible to complicate a little hairstyle if to braid braid from tail. It is possible to leave it to hang down or too to twirl in cone. At you very interesting hairstyle will turn out if you braid not one, but two-three braids, and then lay them in cone.

Rim from thin braids - original, but simple hairstyle for every day. Comb hair on all length. From below separate small lock of hair and very hardly braid from it thin braid. On the other side of the head braid braid too. They have to be of same width. Now throw braids through the head: the rim will turn out. Strongly record tips of braids invisible beings. Shake up the remained hair hands and cast away forward. The hairstyle with pile can make you similar to the heroine of the old movie The Babette Takes the Field. Otcheshite part of front hair on forehead. Comb lock of hair on nape, and then twist it in plait. Curtail plait into cone and fix by hairpins. Now hair, otchesanny forward, reject back: they will close cone. To make pile more volume, you can comb front hair at roots. Behind fix locks by invisible beings and sprinkle them varnish.

The French braids are very popular now. Use them both for daily, and for festive laying. To braid the French braid, divide upper hair into three locks. Number locks from right to left: the right lock - No. 1, average lock - No. 2, the left lock - No. 3. Begin to do plait: place lock No. 1 under lock No. 2. Move lock No. 3 under lock No. 1. Now from hair from the left part of the head separate small lock and attach it to lock No. 2. Move lock No. 2 under bottom. Now from hair from the right part of the head take small lock and connect it to the central lock. Carry out weaving on this equipment so far hair will not end. It is very important not to confuse locks during weaving, otherwise the braid will not turn out. In the beginning it is necessary to be trained several times. If you want that the braid was volume and magnificent, extend locks from the right and left side at each link. After that sprinkle braid varnish to prevent knocking-out of separate hairs. Extend only those locks which are located on the top and nape. Freely hanging down braid should not be touched. At you the original hairstyle will turn out if you braid braid only on upper part of the head. Then collect hair in tail and put on strong elastic band.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team