Hairstyles for average hair: new image every day

Hairstyles for average hair: new image every day

By means of hairstyle you can create unique image and emphasize identity. For hair of average length it is possible to think out new laying every day. The complexity of hairstyle depends on time which you have for its creation.

Options of hairstyles for average hair

If you have fashionable asymmetric hairstyle, it allows to experiment with locks of different length as much as necessary. So, make tail on the top, and in front leave several locks. Let them beautifully frame face. If on forehead the bang is located, then additional locks will be superfluous.

On hair of average length waves perfectly look. For this purpose twist hair on hair curlers. Twist them in the direction inside. You can remove thermo-hair curlers in hour after twisting. Usual hair curlers demand bigger amount of time for formation of curls. Comb the turned-out curls and sprinkle varnish that they kept. If side hair too hang round, pin up them invisible beings. Such type of laying is called Cold wave. For its creation it is possible to use hair gel.

If you like effect of wet hair, can process curled hair gel. Previously slightly wet hairstyle. Advantage of average hair is that they do not require too large amount of gel. If hair rather long (below shoulders), make of them cone. Collect hair in horse tail and record it elastic band. Then twist hair in plait and arrange it around. Record bunch hairpins, and from above put on elastic band. If hair reach only shoulders, wet them water and wind on hair curlers in the direction outside. All arrange hair curlers at one level: be on the ball temple. When hair dry, remove one hair curlers, but do not dismiss curls. Connect curled curls invisible beings that they have formed one continuous line. In order that the hairstyle kept, sprinkle curls hairspray. At the person release several locks and twist them. If there is bang, raise it, make round and sprinkle varnish.

Hairstyles for average hair with braids

For creation of hairstyles on average hair use different types of weaving. Remember that now magnificent braids are fashionable. Execute weaving from one side. Divide the hair located at front part on three locks. Begin to do usual plait. Through couple of links do podpryada of hair from the top. When you reach the neck basis, connect braid to other hair. You can make tail. And then to twirl it in cone. Anyway finish weaving by beautiful bow or hairpin. Besides, you can locate the spit on the head on diagonal or directly. Very popular type of weaving: braid inside out or French braid. For its performance the hair have to fall at least a little below than shoulders. To make the French braid volume and magnificent, extend already braided locks from the right and left side on identical distance. Do it accurately not to destroy braid. Sprinkle it varnish. So, it will better keep. Very popular weaving by the principle of the French braid - Falls. The braid has to go on the top: from one temple to another. In the beginning do usual plait. Through couple of links release upper lock down - it is the first stream of falls. Instead of this lock take hair from below and continue weaving from that place on which have stopped. When it is necessary to interweave upper hair, again throw them down and take new lock from the lower hair. When you reach ear, record hairstyle the invisible being. You can attach bow or flower to this place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team