Hairstyles for round face

Hairstyles for round face

Wide cheekbones which are characteristic of round face do it not absolutely symmetric. Correctly picked up hairstyles will help to restore harmony. Carets with bang, easy waves - these hairstyles will perfectly hide shortcomings.

The round face - what hairstyles is better to avoid

The round face demands some correction. By means of the correct hairstyle it is possible to extend visually oval, to make shape of face close to ideal. Hairstyles in which hair are combed forward and also in what there is bang will help with it. And here it is worth avoiding smooth hairstyles where all curls are combed upward (like fashionable "horse" tail) and also too short hairstyles which completely open the person.

Black and nutbrown hair does face visually already, but at the same time emphasizes skin shortcomings - pimples, wrinkles, etc. Therefore if you want to make hair color more dark, consider not only shape of face, but also condition of skin.

Also owners of round shape of the person do not need to do hair where the main volume falls to the frontal and occipital share. These are hairstyles like "Aurora" and also everything, based on classical bean. Such hairstyles do face even more widely.

Hairstyles for round face - how to correct form

Hairstyles with slanting bang, with the extended locks in temporal shares are ideal for round face. For example, fashionable caret. It is possible to choose as classical, and with longer curls in forehead. Such hairstyles will make the person visually already in cheekbones, its form will become more oval. And the bang will hide too wide forehead. Only pay attention that it has to be the slanting, but not completely closing upper part heads. Otherwise the person will seem wider, massive.

Very small curlies create too large volume, doing face to wider. Therefore choose easy waves. Such turn out if to wind hair on hair curlers or the curling iron with a diameter not less than five centimeters.

Besides various carets, will help to correct shape of face of hairstyle with wavy curls. Best of all they look on hair of average length. Locks in temporal shares, thanks to the volume, hide too wide cheekbones. In these hairstyles it is possible to do without bang if hair from occipital part are combed forward on the person. They keep within forehead on each side, narrowing it. As solemn laying for round face it is possible to choose "Greek". The curls twirled by the roller in cheekbones will hide their excessive width. In upper part of the head the hair remain smooth, without creating unnecessary volume. The tape or thong visually do forehead to narrower. All this helps to bring closer shape of face to ideal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team