Hairstyles for triangular face

Hairstyles for triangular face

Oval is recognized as classical shape of the head. But the triangular face in form reminding heart looks very lovely and is womanly. Correctly brushed hair will help to symmetrize wide forehead and sharp chin.


  1. To counterbalance lines of triangular face, it is necessary to distract attention from wide forehead and to give to hairstyle volume from below. Women with similar outline should carry bang and head of hear length below chin.
  2. Classical hairstyles for triangular face are based on the magnificent curls wound from the middle of length. If your hair length to shoulders, appropriate is to twist them at cheekbones below. Laying with the large curls twirled outside will be suitable for long head of hear. Even short hair can smooth triangular face if to bend their tips from chin.
  3. For lovers of smooth hairstyles the choice is limited to caret of average length, cascade to shoulders or is slightly lower. It is not recommended to grow too long hair as it will only emphasize asymmetry of forehead and chin.
  4. The worst option of hairstyle for triangular face is the high horse tail or bunch and also the laying opening forehead. Small curls from the top will not add appeal to triangular outline too.
  5. It is necessary to consider that not any bang is capable to counterbalance lines of triangular face. Too short or dense "chubchik" visually shortens and expands forehead. Therefore such hairstyle suits girls with longish face more.
  6. If you want to transfer emphasis on the middle or bottom of the person, but do not want to twist at the same time curls, make fragmentary hairstyle with the asymmetric rather thin bang closing one eye. The most volume part of hairstyle has to be located to the area of the middle of ears. It is possible to reach similar effect by means of tapering.
  7. It is possible to stack cascade not only by means of the hair dryer, but also usual wax for hair. Dry curls from below go finger-tips in different directions and are fixed by means for laying.
  8. At not too striking contrast between forehead and chin, it is possible to make short hairstyle with slanting bang and the thinned-out nape. Lovers of direct bang should consider that in that case it has to cover eyebrows and rise slightly in the middle, at the edges falling to upper part of ears. At such bang it is possible even to pull together not hardly node on nape.
  9. At triangular face we accept pile behind, but not on the top. Hairstyles like "babette" are contraindicated.
  10. Also you should not experiment with straight lines and hair length to chin. Only smooth lines, natural volume and tapering can smooth imperfect oval.
  11. Do not hesitate of triangular shape of the person – make it the highlight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team