History of tattoos of marines

History of tattoos of marines

The tattoo of the gallant fighter differs from tattoo of the one who has no relation to military service. Images soldiers, as a rule, are chosen rigid, serious, making special sense. Among similar tattoos you will not meet tender bears, rosettes or hearts, real men, especially marines, are inclined to connect the images selected by them with stories of their life in army, companions, in remembrance which they want to hold for a long time, the special charms saving from fears and doubts.


Entertainingly, but the Peter I who has enjoined to apply on body of soldiers the identification number with the special purpose of identification in case of death of the serviceman became the first initiator of military tattoos in the country. At the beginning of the 20th century the Red Army men preferred headdresses in the form of five-pointed stars. In Soviet period of tattoo not only it was not welcomed, but it was forbidden, especially in the field of investigation. Today the military personnel of various types of military forces prefers to put symbolics and emblem of the division. Special value the tattoo as has taken form of next-to-skin art at special forces soldiers, paratroopers and marines who without fail remove the batman's badge on edge of palm or Rhesus factor in heart.


Almost obligatory attribute of the marine is the dome of the developed parachute or animal predator, symbol of courage and fearlessness. In most cases preference is given to tigers, animal powerful, majestic and heroic, to bears who can be represented both obedient, and furious that will mean kindness or power and aggression.

Sometimes the wolf, animal dual, drawn towards family and friendly the relations and at the same time hardy, cunning is taken as basis of tattoo. The howling wolf - symbol of loneliness or the endured loss, oskalenny mouth of wolf means aggression, aggressive spirit. Often the chosen animal can be represented in symbolical black beret or together with shark or bat, demonic symbol of revival, good health and fast death without special tortures and fluctuations. Recently the special popularity among infantrymen was received by black figured interlacings or the image of skull which has the hidden value of serious vital changes, in the countries of Latin America, for example, the skull serves as reminder of frailty of body, symbol of inevitable death. In addition to the chosen image the numbers symbolizing the period of military service, blood type or number of badge often are used. It is interesting that among the American marines the image of bulldog has become especially popular, quite real story telling that at the time of World War II the employees of similar divisions among Germans received special nickname them is connected with it called "devil dogs".

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