Honey and mustard wrapping: features of holding procedure

Honey and mustard wrapping: features of holding procedure

At fight against "orange crust" and excess centimeters, various saloon and house procedures among which honey and mustard wrapping enjoys special popularity are used.

Mustard and honey mix makes tremendous impact on skin. So, honey deeply purifies skin, deletes the keratosic cages, raises tone and elasticity of skin, considerably improves its color, promotes removal from organism of excess liquid, cleans pores from toxins, slags and other pollution. In turn mustard strengthens exchange processes, expands vessels and activates blood circulation, accelerates process of splitting of subcutaneous fat, etc.

Recipes of honey and mustard anti-cellulite mixes

Recipe of effective anti-cellulite mix is as follows:

- 2-3 tablespoons of mustard powder; - small amount of water;

- 3-4 tablespoons of honey. Dry mustard is filled in with warm water (pastelike weight has to turn out) and left for 20-23 minutes. Further mustard weight is enriched with honey and carefully mix components.

Besides, mustard and honey mix can be prepared also according to other recipe: - 2 tablespoons of mustard powder; - 0.5 tsps of salt; - 2 tsps of sugar; - 0.5 tsps of apple or wine cider vinegar; - water; - honey. Mustard powder is mixed with vinegar, salt, sugar and small amount of warm water (ready mix on consistence has to remind dense sour cream) and left for 22-24 hours at the room temperature. Further mustard weight is enriched with honey (on 1 tablespoon of mix take 1 tablespoon of honey). Anti-cellulite means is ready to use. It is also possible to prepare anti-cellulite mix from the following components: - 2 tablespoons of prepared mustard; - 1 tablespoons of olive oil; - 2 tablespoons of honey. Mustard is mixed with honey and oil then mix is kept by 12-15 minutes: anti-cellulite means is ready. This mustard and honey mix can be used even at sensitive skin (vegetable oil softens its action).

Features of honey and mustard wrapping

Before doing this anti-cellulite procedure, it is necessary to warm body and to purify skin. For this purpose take heat bath or shower then apply srub on body (it is possible to use purchased or the cleaning means which is independently prepared in house conditions). Apply honey and mustard mix on the prepared body (movements easy massing). After that problem zones of body turn in food wrap and take cover warm blanket. Hold honey and mustard mask of 40-50 minutes, then take warm shower and apply anti-cellulite cream to skin. As any cosmetic procedure, at mustard and honey wrapping has contraindications. It is impossible to resort to this procedure at cardiovascular diseases, problems with thyroid gland, gynecologic diseases, allergy to honey, during pregnancy and in the period of lactation.

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