Hormonal cosmetics: pluses and minuses

Hormonal cosmetics: pluses and minuses

Hormonal cosmetics often meets today in beauty shops and on counters of shops, however consumers cannot finally be defined in any way, it is harmful or not. Part of women considers it rescue from old age, other part is convinced that hormonal cosmetics is hazardous to health. Whether there is golden mean?

Pluses of hormonal cosmetics

Quality cosmetics with vegetable hormones has tremendous effect on skin, smoothing it, increasing elasticity and elasticity, improving color and tightening face contours. The rejuvenating effect of such cosmetics is not instant – for achievement of positive result it needs to use not less than three months, however improvement of condition of skin after this time is guaranteed.

Hormonal cosmetics does not cause accustoming unless skin will worsen upon transition to cream of more poor quality.

Small mimic wrinkles when using hormonal cosmetics which part vegetable phytoestrogen (analog of female sex hormones) are will begin to disappear in two weeks of its application. Besides, this cosmetics has perfectly proved as the means improving condition of problem skin with pimples and acne rash. You should not be afraid of hormonal cosmetics which consists of phytohormones - they do not interact with skin cells and cannot get into blood. Thus, such cosmetics cannot negatively affect hormonal background of the person.

Minuses of hormonal cosmetics

If natural hormones are part of hormonal cosmetics, it can have an adverse effect on organism. Its applications can result such serious complications as couperosis, skin anemia, hirsutism, metabolic disorder, emergence of excess weight, deterioration in work of adrenal glands, sexual frustration, the general imbalance of hormones and even oncological diseases. Not also cosmetics on the basis of vegetable phytohormones is absolutely safe – it can cause allergic reactions.

You should not buy cosmetics with animal and synthetic hormones, previously without having consulted to the doctor.

Some women are sure that hormonal cosmetics makes impact only on the surface of skin. It is popular belief as animal and synthetic hormones easily get into blood through integument and are capable to influence work of internals and also hormonal background. Besides, the buyer cannot precisely know what hormones have been used at production of hormonal cosmetics therefore side effects from its application can be absolutely unpredictable.

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