House cosmetics. Face scrubs and bodies

House cosmetics. Face scrubs and bodies

Each girl wants to look good always. And fresh and pure leather is guarantee of beauty. That skin always was well-groomed, it is important to learn to watch correctly it and correctly to purify it. The srub is that means which will serve as excellent addition to care for skin.

For scrubbing it is not obligatory to be spent for expensive store means, the srub can be prepared independently. It significantly saves the budget, saves you from allergic reactions to store srubs and also it is often much more effective than them.

Components of srubs

Components of preparation of srubs in house conditions in the majority are simple and available. Basis for preparation it is possible to use sour cream or cream, yogurt, olive oil, gel for washing. As the main objective of srub is peeling of old layer of skin, the leading role in its structure is assigned to abrasive (firm) particles. These are various natural substances: salt (usual or sea) with large or small fractions, ground oat flakes and also excellent abrasive properties possesses thick from the made coffee.

As the srub is put

You should not impose srub on unprepared skin – before its application the face is cleaned by soft lotions and similar means. It is the best of all if the skin is moisturized – then the srub quickly in it will be absorbed. Drawing is carried out standarno – on massage lines, gradually rubbing srub in skin fingers. Massage has to be lung – strong pressing it is necessary to avoid and apply only soft circular motions. Long it is not necessary to maintain srub on face – enough couple of minutes then all structure from face is washed away, and leather is processed by the moisturizing cream.

Recipes of srubs

Always there is place for experiments with components: they unite in various combinations, giving rise to set of new recipes. It is also possible to prepare already checked and popular structures, having used ready recipes.  

Structure for cleaning of body with coffee thick  

Such srub refreshes skin and is anti-cellulite means. There are several options of structures on coffee basis:- 2-3 tablespoons of coffee or coffee thick will be necessary for preparation (in not welded more than oils). They mix up with 3-4 tablespoons of cream or fat yogurt and the structure is completely ready for application.

- Coffee, honey and oil is ready to mix the recipe in proportions 3-1-2 –.

- Ground coffee is just added to shower gel – enough one teaspoon.

Face peel by oat flakes

Users note the excellent rejuvenating properties of this recipe.

Except oat flakes (2 tablespoons are enough) the teaspoon of baking soda and a little cinnamon is added to srub. All this mixes up with warm water to condition of gruel, is applied to skin and in couple of minutes it is possible to wash away.Softness of honey

- The recipe of "Classic" – approaches all-type skin. Except cleaning, the srub also removes inflammations from solechnyvkh beams, etc. Is cooked from honey, the crushed oat flakes and oil (olive or grape). All components mix up in proportion 1-1-1. Now the srub can be applied to skin – to sustain it 10 minutes enough then to wash away.

- The recipe "With sugar" – also has anti-cellulite property. For preparation only honey and sugar in proportions 2-1 is necessary. Mix is better applied if to warm up it.  

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