House cosmetics from coco

House cosmetics from coco

The coco is widely applied not only in cookery, but also house cosmetology. It is possible to make tremendous masks and srubs which nourish skin with nutrients of pulp of this nut, tone up and humidify it.

The recipe of universal srub is quite simple in production: grate pulp of coco on small grater and mix it with 1 tablespoon of low-fat cream or sour cream, 1 tsp of sugar. With circular motions apply structure to the clean steamed-out skin and massage within 5-8 minutes. Then wash water of room temperature.

The coco has the good cleaning properties. To make mask, stir 1 tablespoon of the crushed pulp with 1 tsp of liquid honey. Owners of oily skin can add structure of 2 tablespoons of kefir or natural yogurt. If you have dry skin, add 1 tablespoon of milk cream or sour cream. Carefully stir all components of means and put on face. Finger-tips massage skin and wash in 10 minutes at first warm water, and then – cool.

There is one more remarkable recipe of mask with effect of srub suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Mix 1 tablespoon of coconut flakes from ½ tablespoons of rice flour and 2 tablespoons of coconut milk. Put weight on massage with lines with circular motions and wash away in 5-7 minutes.

The mask prepared from 1 tablespoon of grated pulp of coco and 1 tablespoon of pulp of banana possesses good nutritious action. If means has turned out dense, can dilute with small amount of coconut oil. Put mix on face and take 15-18 minutes. To moisturize the skin and to give it fresh well rested look, wipe it with the small piece of pulp of coco or cosmetic disk moistened in its milk. Besides, you can make plain, but quite effective mask of 2 tablespoons it is crushed pulp, small amount of honey and coconut milk. Plentiful layer put mask on face and neck, accept comfortable position and wait 12-15 minutes. Then take off it cool mineral water. The exotic mask nourishes skin with nutrients and vitamins and also possesses the good calming and softening action. For its preparation in the blender crush avocado pulp. Mix the received puree with several spoons of coconut milk. Evenly put means on face and you hold 10 minutes. It is necessary to wash away it water of room temperature.

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