House masks for dyed hair

House masks for dyed hair

Change of image is quite normal phenomenon for women – the burning brunette literally in couple of hours can turn into the lovely blonde, and the blonde – into the passionate red-haired beauty. However, coloring does not take place completely and each woman who has decided on change of color of hairstyle needs to know that hair demand additional leaving. Expensive means it is, of course, exit, but nevertheless it is possible to prepare also plain house masks which, by the way, are not less effective.

Nutritious masks for dyed hair

The simplest of possible masks – egg. For its preparation you need two eggs and water. Shake up eggs, adding water, and rub structure in hair. Then in head skin it is necessary to rub yolk. Wrap the head polyethylene film and towel, leave on quarter of hour, and then wash up hair. Each woman is able to afford this mask – it is very simple and at the same time is very effective.

One more very plain mask – from rye bread. Fill in it with boiled water and let's infuse 4-5 hours (it is possible to leave for the night), then filter and apply gruel on hair, carefully rubbing in skin. Leave mask on hair for 25-30 minutes and wash away warm water. Such nutritious mask not only will recover hair after coloring, but also will stimulate their growth.

Take couple of eggs, tea spoon of honey and tablespoon of vegetable oil. Carefully mix ingredients and put on all length of hair. Wrap hair film, cover with towel and leave for half an hour. It is necessary to wash away such mask warm water. The nutritious mask with honey will make your hairs of eggs shiny and shining.

House masks for maintaining color

 The cognac mask will help to make color of dyed hair more saturated – take 100 grams of cognac and mix it with egg yolk. Apply mix on hair and leave approximately for 20 minutes. It is possible to repeat such mask in 4-5 days.

For maintaining color of dyed hair it is possible to use broth of usual camomile with addition of egg white. There is also one more, however, quite exotic mask for maintaining color of dyed hair – from banana and pulp of avocado. Mash fruit and gruel and apply on hair. Once a week is enough to do such mask.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team