House masks for hair for beauty and health of curls

House masks for hair for beauty and health of curls

Long, beautiful and healthy hair - pride of each girl having such wealth. Beauty of hair depends on many factors. To maintain health of curls, it is possible to use the masks prepared in house conditions. They help to support tone of hair and add natural gloss to hairstyle.

Having approached in shop regiments with hair care products, it is possible to see set of the masks directed to restoration, strengthening and toning of structure of hair. But as a part of these masks it is possible to find chemicals which very badly influence head skin. Purchased masks it is necessary to hold exactly so much time how many it is specified in the instruction on the head. To be quiet for the hair, it is better to prepare masks in house conditions.

It is easy to prepare masks for hair in house conditions and they it is much more useful purchased. The main thing is to pick up correctly components under the type of hair. One more advantage – such masks are rather inexpensive (of course, everything depends on the used ingredients). Options of house means set, only some of them are given below:

Masks for growth of hair with castor oil

1) Castor oil can be used in pure form. To warm it slightly on water bath, to apply on hair, to roll up the head towel or to put on hat for shower. To wash away shampoo in 30 minutes. Castor oil improves blood circulation that considerably accelerates growth of hair. After 3 masks the hair will become thick, natural shine will appear.

2) Castor oil, vodka, lemon. Such mask prevents hair loss and stimulates their growth. Mix all ingredients in equal parts and apply on roots of hair before washing of the head. With such mask it is possible to resemble 30-40 minutes.

Recipes of masks for hair: mask with pepper tincture

We add couple of drops of pepper tincture to kefir. This mix is carefully rubbed in roots of hair that it has not got into eyes. From above we put on polyethylene hat or package and we roll up terry towel. Musk needs to keep about an hour (if strongly pinches skin, to wash away earlier). Such mask can be done to not thicket of 2 times a week.

Mask for hair with honey

Honey - the most effective component for maintaining beauty of hair, in it is a lot of useful substances. Add chicken yolk, tablespoon of lemon juice and a little pepper tincture to honey. Put on all length of hair, leave for hour. Such mask not only stimulates growth of hair at the expense of tincture, but also adds to hair gloss, does them by more dense.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team