House recipes against dandruff

House recipes against dandruff

Dandruff — quite unpleasant problem. People who fight against it often worry about whether someone will notice white flakes on clothes. Fight against dandruff is not easy — it can last long. TV advertizing bombards us many remarkable medicines from this trouble, and we want to get rid of problem as soon as possible, we check different products - unfortunately, they are not always effective.

Dandruff is disease of head skin which is shown in the form of plentiful peeling of epidermis. Most often it is connected with violation of peeling of cages, and process of their regeneration. Though this disease is not dangerous and is not infectious, it represents quite big esthetic problem and can cause discomfort because of itch.

On head skin two types of dandruff — dry (normal) and fat can develop. Dry dandruff is white or grayish scale of epidermis, very thin and easy so it settles not only on hair, but also on clothes. In turn, fat dandruff is not so noticeable as dry — it forms the yellowish scales accumulating on head skin, painful feelings and itch can appear. Ways of treatment of dandruff

Do you want to know how it is the best of all to get rid of dandruff? At first find out the reasons. It is interesting that appearance of dandruff can be genetic. Other causes of dandruff include: - the wrong head skin care - inadequate food (low content of B6 vitamins and F) - badly selected cosmetics - use of large amount of mousses, gels and hairsprays - inexact rinsing of cosmetics - long fatigue and stress - hormonal violations - chronic disease - sometimes meets at people who often use swimming pools (chlorine causes dryness of skin).

The dandruff left without treatment can cause additional problems. Not only that it does not look esthetically pleasant, but it can lead to inflammatory changes, secondary fungal infection and hair loss. Therefore if you notice in yourself disturbing changes — act immediately. There are easy ways to win against dandruff. Their efficiency is comparable to cosmetics against dandruff from the shelf of drugstore. Besides, all these decisions are based on natural recipes and ingredients which, besides fight against disease, will have beneficial influence on condition of your hair. 

Reliable house means are given below.

Vinegar is one of the most often used dandruff medicine, and it only proves that it is really effective. Its antifungal properties were already well-known to our great-grandmothers. After washing of hair shampoo, rinse the head with boiled water with vinegar, 2 teaspoons are enough. We can use such mix after each washing of the head. Vinegar — really cheap and invaluable way of treatment of dandruff.

Apple cider vinegar contains potassium and enzymes which not only eliminate dandruff, calm and reduce the naggers of head skin. Besides, vinegar polishes hair — does them healthy and strong. Vinegar can be rubbed in head skin for half an hour before washing.

Nettle broth. The dried-up leaves (fresh leaves will paint hair in green color), which we fill in with boiled water will be necessary. After cooling we use it as conditioner for hair. Rinsing is not suitable for blondes.

Baking soda — unusual house dandruff medicine. We add soda teaspoon to shampoo. To wash hair with the prepared mix — effects will be noticeable at once.

Massage of head skin and olive masloyeshche one house way to get rid of dandruff is to use olive oil which has the moistening properties. Besides, using oil, we can massage head skin to remove dead skin and to stimulate skin regeneration.

Egg mask in fight about perkhotyyuyaichny masks are long since known as remedy for oily hair, besides, they have the knitting effect, feed hair and are one more way of treatment of dandruff. To prepare mask, it is necessary to beat egg white to foam, to add yolk and to mix to uniform consistence. After washing of the head put mask instead of the traditional conditioner and leave for 30 minutes. After this time wash away mask warm water.

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