How cardinally to change hair color

How cardinally to change hair color

Having decided to change image, having turned from the burning brunette into the brown-haired woman, everyone thinks of advantage and harm of such changes.

It is possible to pass from saturated black color with the minimum losses for hair only in case of transition to the brown-haired woman. In this case the remover for hair will be sparing and will not do big harm to structure of hair. The quantity of removers depends also on what paints and have how often painted hair.

For the choice of method of change of hair color it is necessary to be defined in what interval of time there have to be these changes. It is possible for several days of prereyta from black to white, but hair at the same time it is necessary to treat very long. And it is possible to spend considerable time by more sparing technique, but to come to desirable result with the smallest losses.

Of course, folk remedies to remove black paint from hair it is simply unreal. On personal experience the set of recipes from the Internet has been tried. The remover is first step to transition from dark hair to light.

The remover, as a rule, gives reddish-yellowish color to hair, but the first step can be considered is already made. After holding such procedure the hair should give time to be restored. At this time it is useful to do the restoring nutritious masks with oils. They will make hair humidified. Hair scales which at remover specially reveal for paint washing away will be closed.

Coloring of hair in chestnut shade will be the second step. But at the same time, even if to take cold ashy shade, the turned-out hair color will cast copper. If there is a wish to have cold ashy shade of chestnut - it is necessary to hold that some more events.

At this stage it is necessary to do masks not only with the strengthening and moistening effect, but still to add the ingredients clarifying hair. Very well feeds and natural honey clarifies hair. Influence of mask will well affect both structure, and hair color. Only for the greatest effect such mask should be put for 4-6 hours.

Highlighting of hair will be the third step on the way to ashy chestnut. Highlighting will also give in the subsequent ashy shade. Hair-dyeing in noble cold shade chestnut will be the final stage. On all transformation at the smallest negative impact on structure of hair from one to three months, depending on initial condition of hair will leave.

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