How effectively to tighten face skin in 14 days

How effectively to tighten face skin in 14 days

Process of aging at women begins already soon after approach of 20-year age, by 35 years the age changes of face skin become visually noticeable. It is shown by obvisaniye of skin of cheeks and appearance of small wrinkles in forehead, around eyes and expressiveness of nasolabial fold.

At what age it is necessary to begin anti-aging care for skin

First of all it is necessary to remember that the young woman has to pay attention to skin care since 18 - 20 when skin still young, elastic and contains enough fat layer. As a rule, at this age enough simple cosmetic procedures: putting cream with designation 20+, regular use of srub for face, the cleaning procedures. It is also important to remember that addictions, first of all smoking and alcohol in any quantities promote destruction important for beauty and health of protein of collagen therefore age changes can be shown 35-year age much earlier. Also it is necessary to take care of the organization of the healthy healthy nutrition. The deficiency of nutrients as a result of various diets has an adverse effect on condition of skin. 

How to improve face skin in house conditions

Prevention is always more effective than fight against already arisen problem. But at young age when age changes only have begun to be shown it is possible to try to correct situation without application of radical measures, such as injections and plastic surgery. 

First of all it is necessary to reconsider the way of life and food allowance. If you smoke or take alcohol, the refusal of these habits will be more useful to skin. Alcohol even in microscopic doses promotes collagen destruction that inevitably leads to spreading of face contour. The substances which are contained in tobacco smoke promote destruction of vitamin C without which collagen synthesis by organism is impossible. 

Besides, it should be noted the actual uselessness of expensive creams with collagen as diameter of molecule of collagen is too high and it has caused impossibility of collagen to get into deep skin layers. Thus it is important to adjust production of collagen organism. It is possible to make it by means of food. For this purpose it is necessary to include in diet products, vitamin-rich and, first of all, vitamin C. This vitamin contains in berries (dogrose, guelder-rose, blackcurrant, cowberry, strawberry, sea-buckthorn, cranberry). From fresh and dried fruits it is possible to cook various vitamin drinks, teas. Also berries can be frayed fresh with honey, to add to salads, to cook sauces for various dishes. It is better not to subject fruits to heat treatment at which vitamin C will inevitably collapse. Vitamin C, important for collagen synthesis, contains also in green vegetables and greens: cabbage, parsley, broccoli, fennel, spinach and so on. From these products it is possible to cook salads and crude sauces. 

Besides, it is necessary to include the products containing amino acids from which collagen is synthesized in daily food allowance. These are, first of all, such amino acids as glycine, proline and hydroxylysine. Glycine various seeds and nuts contain, for example, seeds of pumpkin, sesame, walnut and pine nut, pistachios, peanut. Also this irreplaceable for appearance skin amino acid contains in bean, for example, nokhuta and soybeans. Dairy and fermented milk products are also rich with glycine. The main sources of proline can be considered different types bean and cabbage, flax seeds, cheeses and other dairy products, wheat and oats and also nuts, green vegetables and fresh fruit juices. The sea cabbage and other edible seaweed Hydroksilizinsoderzhitsya in milk and dairy products, bean. 

Also important for fight against processes of aging to support carnosine amino acid level. This amino acid contains only in blood and muscle tissue therefore only red meat can be source of carnosine. It is important to vegetarians to be engaged in regular physical activities to increase concentration of carnosine in blood. Synthesis of collagen is promoted by hormone estrogen. For maintenance of normal hormonal background it is useful for woman to have sex regularly. 

Except everything listed it is necessary to carry out special exercises for muscles of persons and also to do the weakening facial massage. 

Exercises for facial muscles:

  • Inflation of cheeks. 
  • Rolling of air from one cheek in another.
  • Having turned the person to the right/to the left to carry out chewing movements by jaws.
  • Having raised chin and having widely opened mouth to say sound within 10 seconds "and".
  • Having raised chin and widely opening mouth to say sounds "about - at-and".

All exercises are carried out on 5 - 10 times three times a day daily. 

Facial massage (previously we put fat cream or cosmetic oil on face): 

  • Without stretching skin, we run thumb of the hand closed in fist from the middle of chin to ear with one and on the other side of the person.
  • Without stretching skin, we run finger from the middle of chin over nasolabial fold, nose side, on the middle of forehead and we go to hairy part of the head from one and other side of face.
  • Both palms we raise cheeks up. 

Also increasing popularity is gained by method of massage of doctor Badyin - intraoralny massage or massage of mouth. Having seized simple methods of this massage it is possible also to try to bring up the person, without resorting to the help of the plastic surgeon. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team