How many piercing in navel begins to live

How many piercing in navel begins to live

Piercing of navel has become fashionable in the eighties. Now it gains popularity again. The earring in navel emphasizes femininity and looks very exotically.

How many does navel piercing begin to live?

It is rather difficult to answer this question. Because the answer for everyone is individual: someone healing will take few weeks, and someone and few months. On average healing of piercing of navel happens approximately in 2-3 months. But provided that the earring has been made of medical alloy and correctly looked after piercing.

Rules of care for navel piercing

Many consider that the procedure of puncture of navel is safe and painless. But that it is only when it was executed by the good master. You should not pierce navel independently. It is better to address to salon where the master is obliged to provide and special solution for processing of puncture in the future.

In few weeks after puncture on wound the crust has to appear. If it is absent, and from wound allocations have begun or blood has begun to exude, it is worth seeing doctor immediately. To accelerate healing, it is necessary to carry out the following rules: - process wound solution which was made by the master, not less than two times a day; - at allocation of ichor in addition process wound hydrogen peroxide; - for mitigation process leather lavender oil; - wash wound with solution of sea salt; - do not touch puncture dirty; - minimize soaking of wound; - do not remove and do not twist piercing during healing. You should not think that right after puncture the place of piercing will look attractively. Within several weeks on skin around puncture reddenings will be observed. Emergence of irritation of skin is in certain cases possible.

Navel piercing consequences

Most often one of consequences of piercing of navel is hit in infection wound. It can get not only because of the master, but also at the wrong leaving. Afterwards even surgical intervention can be necessary. At the subsequent pregnancy the puncture stretching, change of its form, emergence of extensions on its place is possible. It can try to be avoided due to use of the moistening means. On late terms the earring should be replaced with fishing line or teflon bar.

What earring to choose for navel piercing?

Speed of healing of puncture also depends on material of which the earring for navel is made. 1. Teflon earrings or from ftoroplast. Such earrings rather elastic, hypoallergenic, are not oxidized and do not injure skin.2. Silver earrings. Experts do not recommend them for constant socks – silver has property to be oxidized. 3. Gold jewelry. Can seem absolutely harmless, but only when test exceeds 585. Low tests can cause irritation and allergy.4. Surgical steel or medical alloy. They are recommended by unfair masters. Low-quality surgical steel is capable to be oxidized and emit hazardous substances in blood. Often such jewelry causes skin pigmentation.

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