How not to burn down in sunbed

How not to burn down in sunbed

The sunbed gives fine opportunity to get bronze shade of skin at all seasons of the year. But at all the appeal the suntan in sunbed is also dangerous, as well as received in the sun. It is not difficult to prevent possible burns, it is necessary to follow certain rules only.

It is required to you

  • Cosmetics for suntan in sunbed.


1. Consult with employees of salon in which you are going to sunbathe. They will be able to tell how it is correct to sunbathe also without risk for skin.

2. Do not try to sunbathe for several sessions by means of increase in their duration. Melanin thanks to which skin gets golden shade has to be produced gradually whereas at excessive influence of ultraviolet only burns are got.

3. Being going to receive suntan to certain date, begin to visit sunbed not later than three weeks prior to event. This period is optimum in order that skin has sunbathed without burns.

4. Not to burn down in sunbed, define the type of skin. If it light, then duration of procedures has to be the shortest and not exceed 5 minutes within the first week. Gradually duration of suntan increases, reaching 8–12 minutes depending on type of sunbed.

5. Do not sunbathe daily, it will not accelerate process. To prevent burns in sunbed, it is necessary to visit it every other day.

6. To help the skin having stress at influence of ultraviolet after suntan you apply on it the moistening means.

7. If after the procedure the discomfort is felt, then following it is the is best of all to postpone for couple of days.

8. Remember that the sunbed is dangerous not only to skin, but also to hair. In order that they did not become dry and fragile, cover them with hat or kerchief.

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