How often it is necessary to wash hair

How often it is necessary to wash hair

All women are concerned by question – how often it is possible to wash hair not to do them harm. Each type of hair demands the frequency of washing. Oily hair quickly loses look therefore the thicket needs to wash them. Hair of normal and dry type look clean longer therefore them it is possible and it is necessary to wash less often.

How often it is possible to wash the head

Modern shampoos have the quality allowing to wash the head quite often. At the correct selection of means the frequent washing will bring benefit to hair.

As it is correct to wash hair with shampoo

Before washing properly comb hair. It will help to wash up better the died-off scales from head skin.

Water temperature at the beginning of washing has to be rather high, and when rinsing – more cool.

Shampoo it is necessary to repeat washing from one to three times – depending on degree of pollution of the head. If hair not too dirty, once suffices. After washing very carefully wash away residues of shampoo, do not leave it on hair.

What it is possible to replace hair shampoo with

Shampoos replace with folk remedies. Hair can be washed with yolk. Egg shampoo is capable "to revive" hair. Just add yolk to the shampoo. Food of hair is promoted by application of the soaked mustard powder with rye bread (it is necessary to soak in water).

After washing apply balm or mask on hair, take a little and wash away cool water. Water of lower temperature promotes closing of scales of hair which have revealed under the influence of hot water when washing. Thanks to cold rinsing the hair will be more brilliant.

Do not wash away balm from hair completely. Its remains will protect hair from harmful effects of the external environment.

It is better to wash the injured hair with boiled or mineral water. Also the way to wash hair with silver water has come from antiquity to us. To make such water very simply – it is enough to throw silver coin or ornament into the container with water.

Are very useful to rinsing hair grass infusions. The camomile will give golden shade to fair hair. The nettle helps to make hair more dense. Infusion of black tea is suitable dark hair, and linden infusion – for any types of hair.

After washing of the head do not comb hair at once. Wait until they dry up in the natural way, and already then start their laying.

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