How often to shave legs

How often to shave legs

Smooth, equal and velvety skin of legs decorates the woman. However perfect condition of skin without the slightest hairs is given hardly. Shaving of legs – the regular procedure which it is necessary to approach with all attention.

When to shave?

Making the decision on that how often it is necessary to shave legs, be guided by personal features of organism. At different women the hair standing grow with different speed. At some women hairs grow literally for several days, and this process demands several weeks from others.

It is important to understand that the more often you will shave legs, the quicker and will grow more plentifully unwanted hairs. At the same time with each shaving they will become is more rigid. So if your legs are covered with light, almost invisible down, think whether it is worth shaving in general legs. It is better to touch similar hairs in extreme cases, otherwise over time the down to turn into hard, unruly hair.

You should not shave legs before visit to the pool or aquapark. It is desirable to do this procedure one day before the water procedures as the chlorinated or salty water very quickly irritates the just shaved skin that leads to formation of unpleasant red spots and feeling of burning.

Some girls prefer to shave legs against growth of hair. However it can lead to injuries and cuts in spite of the fact that such shaving depilates undesirable more effectively.

How to shave?

Before shaving it is desirable to take hot shower, it will allow to steam out skin, to soften hairs, to open time. All this will significantly facilitate shaving process. Taking shower, purify skin of legs by means of detergents to minimize possibility of inflammation after shaving. Process legs body scrub, this procedure is excellent prevention from growing of hairs. After acceptance of shower apply mousse, skin or shaving cream to skin of legs. Do not use instead of them soap as it dries skin. Moisten edge and carry out by it on leg without pressing. It is accepted to conduct the razor in the direction of growth of hair, that is from top to down. Such shaving not ideally, but does not cause irritations and cuts.

Be especially attentive in knees, the irregular shape of legs in this area often leads to cuts.

It is correct to shave legs with the machine it is necessary in one contact. If from the first it was not succeeded to remove all hairs, walk the razor once again on this site of leg. However you should not repeat it and for the third time as it, most likely, will cause irritation on skin. Having ended shaving, wash away water the means remains for shaving, then wipe skin. After removal of moisture from the surface of skin, apply on it the moisturizing cream which will help to prevent dehydration. If there was suddenly inflammatory reaction or irritation, process leather cream against reddening and burning.

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