How quicker to remove pimples from face

How quicker to remove pimples from face

It happens so that the meeting is planned or the appointment is planned, or time approaches solemn event. You are ready, but as ill luck would have it on the foreground there is pimple which spoils all impression. Also search of the solution of this problem begins as soon as possible.

It is required to you

  • - camomile;
  • - train;
  • - calendula;
  • - alcohol;
  • - zinc oxide ointment;
  • - rosemary grass.


1. Make steam bath, having added to it various herbs: camomile, train or calendula. Steam well softens skin, expands time. On the steamed-out face to remove pimples much more simply and quicker. And traces of removal will be almost imperceptible.

2. After steam bath well drain face by means of tissue and define at what stage of maturing there is pimple. If it dark burgundy with cone-shaped form is also accurately allocated on face, can safely squeeze out it together with root. If you do not make it as it is necessary, up to the end, and will not take all white contents which were under skin, then tomorrow on this place the new pimple will develop.

3. You do not press too strongly. Otherwise there will be traces on skin. If the heat-spot has ripened, then it has to be squeezed out easily. Check whether there was root completely. Emergence of drop of pure, scarlet blood on the place of pimple demonstrates to it.

4. Process wound spirit solution. It will help to avoid infection.

5. If the pimple which has not ripened yet for the night impose on it spirit compress. It perfectly extends pus. Wet medical 90% alcohol cotton pad, apply to pimple and record by means of adhesive plaster. In the morning inflammation will become less, and the swelling and redness will completely disappear.

6. Remove pimple by means of ointment on the basis of zinc. Squeeze out several drops of means on finger, plentifully grease pimple and the inflamed zone around it. Repeat the procedure of 6-8 times during the day.

7. Wipe the inflamed place with rosemary broth. Take tablespoon of dry grass with flowers, fill in with half of glass of boiled water. Thanks to such easy way you will get rid of pimples for very short time.

8. Above and above the listed recipes are effective only when pimples develop on face or on body seldom and in single quantity. If you suffer because of constant rashes on skin, then surely descend on consultation to the dermatologist. Such pimples can signal about diseases of endocrine system or problems with liver. The doctor will appoint to you special treatment for recovery of balance in organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team