How quickly to dry up nails in house conditions

How quickly to dry up nails in house conditions

Each woman at least once in life came up against such situation when it is necessary to do urgently something, somewhere to run, but only that manicure is made and at the slightest careless movement it threatens to be smeared. For this reason on this case most of women has methods and means which help to dry up in short terms varnish on nails.

Now it is possible to find various means which accelerate varnish drying process in shops. For cases when you need to dry up quickly nails, you can buy, for example, special spray or means which can be put in the same way with brush, as well as varnish. Drawing similar products considerably reduce varnish drying time by marigold.

If you have made up nails, but near at hand you had not had special means for fast drying of varnish, it does not matter, there are also other ways allowing for a short time will cope with this task. For example, quickly it is possible to dry up varnish by means of cold water. Everything that from you is required, it to pour cold water into wide capacity and to place the made-up marigold there. Time of drying of manicure directly depends on water temperature - than it is colder, less time will be required to you that for achievement of desirable result.

As option, for drying of varnish on nails it is possible to use the hair dryer: turn on the device, adjust temperature to minimum and hold up nails under current of air. Minus such method - varnish, usually, keeps not for long. One more effective way to quickly dry up varnish on nails is to use olive oil. Apply varnish, wait when he slightly dies then accurately put not each nail droplet it is buttered and leave for about five minutes. On the expiration of time wash out nails in cold water. In general, it is worth remembering if you wish that your manicure was beautiful and durable, try to allocate for it not less than half an hour of the time, will be quite enough these 30 minutes to make accurate manicure and to give to varnish on marigold properly to dry up.

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