How quickly to get rid of acne

How quickly to get rid of acne

Skin without acne and black dots - dream of each girl. But not many know that it is easy to reach it. Before buying up expensive funds from shelves of shops, it is necessary to understand the reasons of appearance of acne.

One of the main reasons of appearance of acne rash – violation of diet. Plain carbohydrates which contain in flour and confectionery, lead to development of large amount of insulin. Because of it the level of male sex hormone increases. The strengthened production of skin fat begins. Creation of the favorable environment for life of bacteria, their reproduction is result of everything.

Improvement of skin begins from within. Not accidentally nutritionists, studying this problem, have made top-3 products which help to get rid of acne rash and interfere with its development.

That skin long remained beautiful and young, it is necessary to drink not less than 8 glasses of water a day. Except water it is possible to use the fresh squeezed-out juice, green tea. And here it is better to forget about carbonated drinks forever. The high content of sugar provokes inflammatory processes. Because of caffeine which also contains in carbonated drinks the dehydration of all body begins. Wrinkles first of all appear from behind lack of liquid.

It is no secret, that spinach cleans intestines. Consumption of large amount of protein which contains in spinach is excellent prevention of appearance of pimples. Also spinach is perfectly acquired by organism. This plant - well of useful substances. On the content of carotene concedes only to carrots. Vitamins, minerals, fatty acids protect skin cells and improve work of intestines.

Cereal cultures contain large amount of vitamins, mineral substances and cellulose. It does them by ideal power source. Cereals - excellent sorbent and cleaner of organism. Insoluble fibers effectively clean intestines. Pimples can appear from behind problems with GIT. If to use porridge for breakfast, skin will take the blossoming and healthy form, its elasticity increases. Also regular addition of this cereal in food promotes full rejuvenation of organism

You remember, kind of you did not eat, arrange fasting days for organism. For example, fruit and vegetable. All products which you want to add to the diet to get rid of acne rash, have to be in enough. You should not abuse them. If change of diet has not helped, it is necessary to address the expert to establish basic reason of appearance of acne.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team