How quickly to grow long nails

How quickly to grow long nails

Hands are the business card of the woman therefore it is very important to support nails in beautiful and healthy form. Sometimes it is necessary to accelerate process of growth of nail plate and to make beautiful manicure.

Nails require regular care and use of various means for their strengthening and improvement of structure. Vitamins and microelements which come to organism with food or in the course of holding cosmetic procedures are necessary for strong and long nails. The lack of these substances leads to increase in fragility, stratifying of plate.

The woman independently chooses and gives to nails certain form by means of file. After that nail care begins directly. At damage of plate it can be broken or stop completely growth of nails. In this case it is recommended to address the expert to pick up effective treatment.

Of course, the fastest way of giving of length to nails is building. The professional master uses modern technologies and does female fingers beautiful and well-groomed. But It should be noted that after such procedure the regular adjustment is required. Also at removal of such nails not to do without the help of the expert.

After removal of the increased nails the long period for restoration of own nail plate is required.

For stimulation of growth of nails in house conditions the good results are yielded by medical nail varnish which food plate necessary substances, becomes active internal processes, promotes strengthening and thickening of structure. It is applied on clean and dry nails in several layers. If desired from above it is possible to apply any decorative varnish. It is very important to eat properly. There are products which accelerate growth of nail plate. First of all, it is products with the increased content of fatty acids (linseed oil, cod-liver oil) and squirrel (fat grades of fish, vegetable oil, nuts, sunflower seeds, chicken breast, meat). At their regular use the nails grow much quicker, the fragility decreases, the elasticity increases. B5 vitamin which source are beer yeast, grain crops, egg yolk, milk, beans and nuts is useful to nails.

It is impossible to forget about water balance in organism. The lack of moisture leads to deterioration in condition of nails, skin, hair.

Growth is promoted by massage of cuticle and skin around nails. It allows to activate exchange processes, to improve blood circulation in fabrics. For this purpose it is necessary to mass daily area of nail with use of several drops of castor or olive oil. In month the nails will become stronger, longer, will gain beautiful and healthy color. In house conditions try to rub special structure in root and cuticle: 2 tablespoons of apricot oil, 1 tsp of almond oil, 5 drops of oil of geranium, 2 drops of oil of rose. To mix components and to use every evening before going to bed. The remained means is recommended to be stored in glass capacity in the cool place. For rapid growth of nails remember simple councils: - when washing ware with use of detergents use rubber gloves; - in winter season of hand and nails need the strengthened food and moistening; - regularly file uneven edges to avoid further breakage of nail; - after varnish removal by special liquid let's nails "breathe" a little, and already then you put new layer; - refuse habit to gnaw as in this case hardly to turn out to grow beautiful marigold.

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