How quickly to grow mustache

How quickly to grow mustache

Mustache give to strong half of mankind special charm and at the same time pretend more courageous. Quicker to become the happy owner of vegetation over upper lip, it is necessary to promote growth of hair by means of various nutritional supplements and masks.

It is required to you

  • - vitamins;
  • - dairy products;
  • - zinc;
  • - shampoo;
  • - mustard powder;
  • - castor and burdock oil.


1. Growth of hair on body including on face, depends on quantity of necessary microelements in organism. If you incorrectly or irrationally eat, begin to accept vitamin complex as a part of which the high dose of calcium contains. If you do not suit any substance, try to pick up beer yeast in which it is absent.

2. The bristle well grows at the high level of testosterone in blood. Therefore accept zinc. It promotes production of hormone, but does not do harm to health, and, it is rather on the contrary, improves the general state not only hair, but also skin. Also eat more products rich with this microelement.

3. Daily drink 500 ml of milk, kefir or yogurt. Eat cottage cheese, cheese and other dairy products. They contain not only a lot of calcium, but also the amino acids promoting growth of healthy hair.

4. Buy Activator of Growth of Hair shampoo. Similarly also means with beer yeast work, but it is necessary to wash with them mustache regularly.

5. Several times a week do nutritious mask. Mix burdock and castor oil in equal proportions, warm up up to 40 degrees. Then add the Ayevita capsule (vitamins on fat basis) and carefully mix. Apply on the line of growth of hair and leave for hour. It will help not only to accelerate growth of mustache, but also to get rid of dandruff if it is available.

6. Periodically do mask of mustard powder. Add about 1 tsp of mustard on 10 ml of sour cream or oil. Apply the received mix on mustache and take 15 minutes. Wash warm water.

7. In process of growth of mustache adjust their form. For this purpose use the trimmer. If you are not able to do it or are afraid to spoil everything, visit beauty shop. The master will cope with objective literally in 5 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team