How quickly to grow nails and to make them strong

How quickly to grow nails and to make them strong

Beautiful well-groomed nails are strong indication of the lady respecting herself. Often happens that nails exfoliate, break and do not grow to desirable length in any way. It cannot but upset women. There are many ways how to strengthen weak nails and quickly them to grow. I offer several simple and effective councils checked by personal experience.

Drink vitamins

Buy quality vitamins for nails (except rapid growth of nails receive pleasant bonus – quickly growing hair). For the purpose of economy it is possible to buy inexpensive tablets with calcium, but good special vitamins – it is precisely best of all. In few weeks it is already felt that nails become more strong and grow quicker. It will be correct if before administration of drugs you consult to the doctor. Do not abuse tablets! In pursuit of beauty is more useless to damage health. Effective course – 2 months, and surely take break for few months as the excess of calcium in organism can lead to unpleasant consequences.  

No – to acetone and rigid files!

Do not use means for removal of varnish from nails with acetone. It very much harms nails, especially thin and brittle. Now there are special looking after means for varnish removal. Buy also good sparing file for nails and when you file nails, do it accurately, movements in one party.

Gloves – the reliable assistant

 Do all homework which means contact with aggressive chemical means ONLY in economic gloves. At the same time and for a long time you will preserve the skin of hands very vulnerable to external influences.  

Nails need holiday!

Periodically arrange to marigold rest from decorative coverings, especially shellac. Rest term – not less than a month. By the way, about shellac: do not tear off the shellac which has peeled off over time from nails without application of special means at all! These are shortest way to spoil for a long time already weak nails. They will be will be refined with catastrophic speed and it will be very difficult to restore then.

Medical coverings in the help

While there is rest of nails from decorative covering, intensively look after them. Buy the special restoring nail varnishes in drugstore and use them constantly. Before applying such varnish, indulge nails with lemon: cut lemon on two parts and na15-20 minutes ship nails in pulp. Paraffin baths which are offered now by many manicurists are good for strengthening of nails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team