How quickly to increase hair in house conditions

On long hair it is possible to do set of original hair. At modern fashionistas, for example, graceful French braids enjoy special popularity. Owners of short hairstyles should dream of similar experiments only. However and in this situation there is exit – hair extension which can be carried out without effort not only in salon, but also in house conditions.

The fastest way

If you want to increase hair quickly, then use of laid on locks will be the most optimal variant in this case. They are on sale in specialized shops and salons. Such locks without effort can be fixed by means of special hairpins on own hair.

The main lack of such method – paper clips and hairpins are often noticeable even at careful masking by own hair. Besides the fastening method in this case does not differ in reliability and, quite possibly, emergence of feeling of discomfort.

More convenient method of use of laid on locks is the Japanese technique. In this case instead of hairpins, small metal beads with the clip mechanism are used. Artificial locks and own hair are at the same time passed throughout ball. After that the clip is strong squeezed special clip. Beads are absolutely imperceptible and differ in reliability of fastening.

Also cold building is hotter

As more difficult ways of building are considered the hot and cold equipment. In this case except artificial locks you need the special equipment, additional materials and some knowledge. It is previously best of all to observe the procedure of such building performed by the professional. Cold building – rather safe way of receiving long hair. Locks are pasted to roots of own hair by means of special solutions. Most often in this case liquid carotene, special glue or the gluing gel is used. Substances quickly stiffen and remain imperceptible. Pay attention that to remove the artificial hair attached in such a way it is possible only by means of nippers. For improvement of quality of the procedure it is recommended to use ultrasonic devices for building. Hot building – one of the most effective and at the same time harmful ways of fastening of artificial locks. To carry out such procedure independently quite difficult. Not to do you without assistance. The essence of method consists in gluing of artificial hair wax, pitch or keratinaceous capsules. Substances are warmed up previously, and when cooling they lose the efficiency. Hot structures "are instantly soldered" to hair therefore at the wrong arrangement of lock to remove it will be problematic. The main feature of hot and cold hair extension is uniform distribution of artificial locks. Otherwise when combing the curls will constantly get confused.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team