How quickly to remove heat-spot

How quickly to remove heat-spot

Unexpectedly developed heat-spot is capable to spoil not only appearance, but also mood. However it is possible to get rid of this problem. Of course, in several minutes the annoying hillock will not disappear, but to make it less noticeable and to remove inflammation quite your forces. Stock up with special means and suitable make-up – the developed pimple will have no chances.

It is required to you

  • - tonic;
  • - the drying lotion;
  • - liquid ammonia solution;
  • - toothpaste;
  • - children's powder;
  • - dense proofreader;
  • - medical plasters and pencil.


1. Having found painful swelling on skin, begin to act. The main thing is to catch initial stage of development of hypodermic inflammation. Carefully clean face from make-up, wash with the soft moistening skin or gel.

2. Wipe skin with tonic, and the problem site – the drying lotion with alcohol thirty-percentage. Not bad 0.5 percentage solution of liquid ammonia works. Moisten in it cotton tampon and apply to the place of expected inflammation for several seconds. In the preventive purposes it is possible to wipe with this solution all face except eye area.

3. For the night apply cream, paste or gel intended for fast elimination of pimples on the affected site. Such means can be got in drugstore. The composition of medical gels and creams includes tea tree oil, alcohols, zinc paste, camphor and other antiseptic agents. Leave means for the night. By the morning the inflammation will fall down and, perhaps, and completely will disappear.

4. Very well also the medical plasters impregnated with the drying lotion work. Take out plaster from packing, remove from it protective film and attach it to heat-spot, having smoothed with fingers. Leave means on skin at several o'clock or all night long. Unstick plaster in the morning. If skin has reddened, wipe it with soft tonic.

5. If near at hand there were no medical medicines, use make-shifts. Washing by cool water with several drops of fresh lemon juice will help to reduce alkaline reaction of skin.

6. The affected place can be greased with solution of soda or toothpaste with soda addition. With the last recipe it is worth being more careful that who possesses the sensitive skin inclined to reddenings. The dried-up paste you hold about half an hour then it can be washed away and put new portion. Repeat the procedure before total disappearance of heat-spot.

7. If on face there were inflammation traces, disguise them by means of cosmetics. Apply the soft moisturizing cream or gel to skin. Impose group of the proofreader on the affected place or use special coloring pencil with tea tree oil. Accurately hammer means with finger-tips. Reddenings not bad I camouflage tone means with yellow subtone.

8. Carefully powder skin, trying not to damage make-up. Instead of powder it is possible to use the drying children's powder. Imposing make-up on the inflamed skin, do not use brushes and sponges not to provoke formation of new pimples.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team