How quickly to remove hickey on neck

How quickly to remove hickey on neck

The hickey – by-effect of love joys, meets often, brings pleasures a little, disappears long. However by means of simple manipulations and patience problem it is possible to solve and remove hickey quickly.

How to remove hickey make-shifts

Quickly it is possible to remove hickey by means of ice or something cold. The hickey is put – it is not necessary to waste time. The ice from the freezer wrapped in polyethylene is put to reddening. Bruise which surely will develop then will not be bright and will quickly be gone.

The gruel from baking soda and water imposed the first minutes to the place of hickey will allow to avoid bruise. Everything will be limited to reddening which will quickly disappear.

Fresh juice of onions it is possible to remove hickey quickly. For this purpose it is necessary to cut bulb in half and to rub with fresh cut the place of passionate kiss. After a while to refresh cut and again to process the place of hickey. It is so possible to repeat several times if only as much as possible fresh onions juice got on the damaged place. Easy tingling in the place of kiss should be suffered.

The cut piece of crude beef is considered good means for resorption of hickey. It is necessary to put to the place of kiss meat fresh cut and to leave for 15 minutes. To repeat the procedure each hour.

Just put hickey can be removed quickly if to rub with vinegar the damaged place. Than is fresher hickey, that high probability of its total disappearance.

How to remove hickey by means of medicines

There are medicines capable to quickly remove hickey. These are various ointments incorporating heparin and cream with vitamin K. After their use the vessels are narrowed, and reddening decreases. With care and strictly according to the instruction it is possible to use nonsense as it causes burn on skin.

It is known that iodine activates blood circulation. Therefore the iodic grid on the place of hickey accelerates its resorption. In order to avoid burn the neck should not draw sections on sites with thin skin, for example.

To remove hickey by means of compress and massage

Quickly to remove hickey, it is recommended to pound regularly damaged place fingers or the soft toothbrush wrapped by kapron. Such massage needs to be carried out carefully, quiet movements, without any efforts that the return process – increase in hematoma has not begun.

It is possible to alternate hot and cold compress within half an hour. Such temperature contrast is effective right after reddening. During the day it is necessary to do this procedure several times.

Other ways to remove hickey

The easiest way is to smear the place of hickey with toothpaste and to allow to dry completely. As a result the dried-up paste will disappear, the remains need to be washed away accurately water. Substances as a part of toothpaste accelerate process of healing of hematoma.

Quickly lotions with aloe extract will help to remove hickey. For this purpose alcohol and fresh leaves of plant is required. Here the main thing – methodicalness and persistence in desire to get rid of love traces.

You should not forget about decorative cosmetics. It is possible to disguise hickey by means of foundation or lipstick. The man can just stick with plaster the place of passionate kiss and write off everything for unsuccessful shaving. Stand-up collars or polo-necks will help to close neck from curious eyes.

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