How quickly to remove sides house conditions

How quickly to remove sides house conditions

For many fat in stomach and sides becomes the real problem. It is not so simple to get rid of it. It is necessary to spend time for exercises, to pass to healthy nutrition and to do ukhodovy procedures. And only then to remove sides house conditions it will turn out.

It is required to you

  • - scales
  • - application on phone for calculation of calories
  • - handle
  • - sheet of paper
  • - dumbbells
  • - rug for trainings


1. First of all it is necessary to open the fridge and to remove all harmful products. Though the general daily allowance kalorazh is important for weight loss, but for beautiful body it is necessary to accustom itself to competent ratio of nutrients. The store sausages, semi-finished products and products incorporating fast carbohydrates do not bring benefit to any organism. Therefore it is better to exclude them from life forever.

2. Now it is necessary to calculate the number of calories and nutrients which need to be consumed in day. Many ask question whether it is possible to gather in stomach, swinging press and not watching food. The answer to it unambiguous — is not present. There are people who, apart from calorie, have lost weight in this area, but here just there was intuitive hit in standard daily rates. And it is well not to everyone. To remove sides and stomach quickly, it is better not to spend time in vain, and to begin to consider at once. Over time this occupation will not take away a lot of time.

3. For 100% it is possible to define daily requirement only for the medical centers. In house conditions it is possible to make it only with big nearness. At first count the basal metabolism. For this purpose determine indicator by one of formulas. For men: 66 + (13.7 X body weight) + (5 X growth in cm) — (6.8 X age advanced in years). For women: 655 + (9.6 X body weight) + (1.8 X growth in cm) — (4.7 X age advanced in years). You have received that number of calories which the organism spends only for the vital processes in organism (work of brain, heart and other bodies).

4. Now it is necessary to define the coefficient of activity. If you sit for days on end, without doing any exercises and even without being engaged in house efforts, then to remove sides and stomach quickly, it is necessary to increase the basal metabolism calculated above by 1.2. If there are efforts on the house, then the coefficient is equal to 1.3. If you besides household chores are engaged still in exercises for stomach and sides in house conditions, then can safely multiply basal metabolism by 1.375. Those who can safely call the way of life active and in addition are engaged in gym and do kardio exercises, can safely multiply basal metabolism by 1.45. As a result the number of calories which needs to be used that weight was at the same level will turn out. If you want to lose weight quickly, then take away 20%. It is the maximum deficiency which will not affect organism negatively.

5. Now it is necessary to deal with nutrients. These are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Eating on the deficiency, weight will be lost, but that the stomach and sides have left, it is necessary to watch also components. Experts in Purdue University after the research have come to conclusion that in order that the organism at weight loss ""ate"" not own muscles, but excess fat, it is necessary to use from 1 to 2 gr squirrel on each kilogram of body weight. Fats for the correct functioning it is necessary to use 1-1.5 gr, but not less than 50 gr. Carbohydrates will fall on the rest of calories. 1 gr squirrel — 4 kcal, 1 gr fat — 9 kcal, 1 gr carbohydrates — 4 kcal.

6. After with food everything is adjusted, it is necessary to enter set of exercises. To gather in stomach and sides quickly, it is enough to carry out house training.

7. Level - exercise which perfectly will help to tighten belt. Get up in position as before squeezing, and you keep, having tightened belt certain time. It is possible to begin with 20 sec., gradually increasing time. Over time it is possible to add side level to set of exercises or to apply weighting compounds in usual, alternately tearing off legs from floor.

8. Lying on one side, extend the lower hand under the head. You hold legs slightly bent in knee, with small corner concerning the body forward. The upper hand is bent in elbow and the palm is on the head. Begin to do twisting, reach knee for elbow, and elbow for knee. It is optimum to do from 15 repetitions and 3 approaches on each party.

9. Lying on spin do twisting. It is important to carry out as classical option, tightening body directly before itself, and tightening alternately opposite hand and leg. Carry out from 15 repetitions and do from three approaches.

10. Stand directly in position of leg more widely than shoulders, pick up dumbbells. Smoothly fall alternately to each party from 15 times. Do not less than 3 approaches.

11. Exercise vacuum perfectly suits those who want to gather in stomach and sides quickly. It is necessary to do it since morning on an empty stomach. There are several options of performance. The most difficult — in standing position. But it is possible to carry out vacuum sitting or being on all fours. Smoothly exhale and try to pull in as much as possible navel to backbone. Detain situation on 15 sec. Smoothly inhale air, and relax stomach. Make several approaches.

12. Do not forget also about complex of ukhodovy procedures. They will not help to lose weight, but will be able to improve quality of skin. Do srub, be engaged in self-massage. Perfectly, if vacuum banks are had near at hand, but it is possible to do also the manual equipment. Also do wrappings with oils or clay. All this package of measures will help to gather in stomach and sides quickly and forever.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team