How quickly to straighten hair

How quickly to straighten hair

Straight and silky hair never gets out of fashion. Owners of wavy curls can achieve good result, using the checked national recommendations.

It is required to you

  • - iron for hair straightening;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - hair dryer.


  1. The industry of beauty is rather well developed now. Every year on counters of shops all new styling sprays and various devices appear. The iron for straightening of curls is the integral attribute of many fashionistas for a long time. It is simple in use, and not enough time is necessary to achieve good result. The principle of operation of this adaptation – hair straightening at the expense of certain temperature condition.
  2. Be accurate when using the iron for hair straightening. You watch its temperature condition not to spoil the curls. Before use of this adaptation attentively study the instruction.
  3. Before use of the iron for hair straightening apply special means on curls or slightly moisten them with warm water. Well comb them and let's them dry up a little. Further take small lock of hair and smooth it, beginning from the top. Do this procedure with the remained curls, having divided them into small parts.
  4. Try to straighten hair by means of hairbrush and the hair dryer. For this purpose before the procedure properly moisten the curls. Hairbrush take lock of hair, since the top of the head, and direct to it warm air of the hair dryer, having inclined it from top to down. Repeat the procedure with the remained curls.
  5. For fixing of result apply the special not washing away means on hair. With its help your curls will look more volume. You can get this means in specialized shop.
  6. If you do not accept result. received after hair straightening by the offered methods, ask for the help the professional. The skilled master, having studied structure and condition of your curls, will offer necessary complex of procedures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team