How quickly to style long hair

How quickly to style long hair

Long hair give to the woman effective and magnificent view, however it is necessary their owner hardly. It is necessary not only to look after correctly them, but also to be the real skilled worker on laying. There are cases when there is no time for hairstyle at all, and you are waited on any evening or action.


  1. Previously apply on hair gel or skin for laying. Well comb hair, hang the head, then make small pile, having collected hair in high tail. Take one lock and wind with it the tail basis. Take away excess hair by means of invisible beings. Record the received hairstyle varnish.
  2. Divide hair into several zones. Take locks on the top and comb them. Accurately lay and pin up hairpin, the invisible being or large decorative hairpin. The combed hair can also be collected in tail, having released in front of several locks.
  3. If you want to create elegant image, it is possible to address popular style of hairstyles of the 60th years. Make careful pile of locks on the top, collect them in bunch and wind it with tape or put on bright rim. In front it is possible to release one or two locks.
  4. Today cooks – the combed front hair enjoy wide popularity. They can be collected highly on the top or in the form of bang to lower on forehead. You can accurately pick up other hair by means of the roller or hairpins (invisible beings) or to leave dismissed.
  5. The easiest way of laying of long hair is the braid. But that it looked originally, braid it, having slightly displaced sideways or having stretched on diagonal through the head. The braid can be braided not up to the end, to leave long tips, having combed them.
  6. Collect hair in tail, but on the last turn of elastic band do not miss hair up to the end, and record them so that the loop has turned out. Wind with tips of the remained hair elastic band and fix them by hairpins or invisible beings. Then from the turned-out loop of hair slowly extend locks in chessboard order. It is the best of all if locks are identical length. Later record hairstyle varnish.
  7. It is possible to leave hair dismissed, having laid them by means of the hair dryer and gel (skin). Rinse hair. And then accurately comb them and dry, stacking locks in turn. Extend them in the direction from roots to tips, and you receive volume hairstyle. It is possible to rinse hair water with sea salt and to dry them naturally, having combed only after drying. So your hairstyle will take slightly negligent form and perfectly will be suitable for beach and any other party.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team