How quickly to sunbathe in sunbed?

How quickly to sunbathe in sunbed?

Not all fashionistas have opportunity to go constantly to resorts there to find excellent suntan. For this reason lovers of saturated bronze shade of body were come to the rescue by sunbeds. The radiation developed by the last similarly solar, and it also causes pigmentation of integument. Quickly to sunbathe and to do at the same time harm to the skin, it is necessary to know and follow some rules.

How many sessions of sunbed are necessary for fast suntan?

First of all it is necessary to decide on concept quickly. It is necessary to consider that it is impossible to receive uniform and deep suntan for 1-2 sessions in one sunbed.

Before visiting sunbed, surely consult the doctor whether you as for these procedures there are many contraindications can sunbathe.

How the equipment, however certain processes in human body was perfect, including also pigmentation of integument, take its course. And if you try to accelerate suntan process, you risk to get skin burn. However it is quite real to receive desirable result for 5-10 sessions of sunbed.

What types of sunbeds are effective for fast suntan?

There are 2 types of the sunbeds differing on the lamps applied in them. These are the systems of suntan in which are used: - lamps of low pressure; - lamps of high pressure. In the first types it is made And - and V-radiation. Suntan in them turns out slightly more slowly, but it keeps on skin longer. Such sunbeds are most preferable to white-skinned people who are inclined to obgoraniye in the sun. The systems of suntan with lamps of high pressure make more A-beams, influencing melanin and quickly oxidizing it. In such sunbeds the suntan of saturated color can be received quicker, however it is desirable for swarty people or owners of natural suntan to visit them. Besides, sunbeds happen: - horizontal; - vertical; - in the form of chairs.

In chairs the system with powerful A-beams is also applied, however usually in such sunbeds those people who need to change skin color of visible parts of body only a little sunbathe.

The most powerful on the radiation are vertical sunbeds. In them the session lasts no more than 10 minutes.

Ways of strengthening of suntan in sunbed

If you want to sunbathe quickly enough, without having got at the same time skin burn, take care of it even before visit of sunbed. It is impossible to do make-up at all and also to use any cosmetics (including soap). Several hours prior to sunbed remove dead skin cells, having cleaned body with srub. That quickly and evenly to sunbathe in sunbed, use special creams or lotions which are intended directly for this procedure. However be attentive: in sunbed it is not necessary to use creams for suntan in the sun.

How often it is possible to visit sunbed?

It is not recommended to sunbathe in sunbed more, than 2 cycles a year. One course includes no more than 20 sessions. The number of the last and time of stay under lamps depend on various factors: like skin, availability of natural suntan, technical characteristics of the equipment. It is necessary to attend procedures not more often than in 2 days (48 hours) after the previous visit to sunbed that your skin was recovered and has had a rest. To prevent its presenilation, observe moderation in creation of artificial suntan.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team